How to Create a Trustworthy Cryptocurrency Exchange

What does it take to create a cutting-edge crypto exchange that draws hundreds of traders and investors? To succeed in the market, you’ll need to learn more. 

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Practical Advice 

Despite recent downturns, the crypto market continues to develop at an incredible rate, which is why new businesses can still enter the market. In the case of crypto exchanges, the level of competition is exceptionally high, and newcomers should follow a few simple guidelines to avoid losing money. According to Coinmarketcap, there have been close to 400 crypto trading platforms (exchanges) founded, with many fresh initiatives failing owing to insufficient market analysis.

Why is it vital to follow the laws in the first place? 

A crypto exchange has many other significant features in terms of functionality and services, but experts advise newcomers to start with legal concerns. What is the significance of such a detail? 

The crypto market is about to enter a new age, transitioning from an uncertain business with a hazy future to a class of assets that is formally recognized in the great majority of countries. As a result of this trend, more people want to participate. For example, the number of blockchain wallet owners has risen from 50.8 million to 74.2 million in the last year.

Meanwhile, newcomers would prefer to see assurance that their rights are being protected. Obtain a crypto exchange license to persuade newer players that your platform complies with all legal requirements. Obtain licenses in jurisdictions that are well-liked by the crypto community (Estonia, Japan, Malta, the UK, the USA, etc.). 

Is it true that the more crypto pairings available, the better? 

The quantity of listed digital assets on crypto exchanges, which are trading platforms where users may sell one crypto asset for another, can be one of the most important aspects.

Take into mind two crucial factors: the number of markets and the amount of listed currencies that can be traded. For example, if an exchange lists five cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and EOS), the maximum number of markets available is ten. 

If we look at the ranking of crypto exchanges, we can see that the biggest number of markets and coins is unrelated to trading volumes. The exchange AEX, for example, is ranked 302nd with 119 listed coins and 221 markets. Business owners should only identify liquid assets, according to experts, to safeguard traders and investors from fraudulent ventures. Don’t take risks when a cryptocurrency’s liquidity is limited (e.g., PTI).

Security aspects that are required and optional 

When it comes to money, one of the most crucial requirements is security. Newer participants go deeper into an exchange’s security safeguards for traders and investors. 

These types of metrics are divided into two categories:


  • Mandatory security options. A crypto currency exchange license gives users some rights; nonetheless, exchanges must persuade holders that their assets are safe from hacker attacks. The greatest answer for traders’ crypto funds is cold storage. 
  • Optional security features. Users can set up two-factor authentication on reputable crypto exchanges. Additionally, holders can construct a list of white addresses that can be used to send crypto money. 


The more security measures that are put in place, the better, especially for newer traders who are wary of this creative market.

The most effective method to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform 

When it comes to conquering the crypto market, a business owner must choose between completing each stage on their own or hiring turnkey solutions. B2Broker is a firm that understands how to create crypto exchanges that attract a large number of traders and investors. Professional experts consider even the tiniest things in order to provide you with a platform that is ready to generate revenue. 

What’s more, B2Broker experts are available to discuss each step, sharing the results of years of experience and new ideas.


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