How to Deal with Problems When I Do My Physics Homework

The ability to solve problems in physics is necessary for a deep understanding of this subject. A physics problem is a small task that is solved using logical reasoning, mathematical actions, and experiment based on the laws and methods of physics. How to do my physics homework to come up with a correct solution to a problem? Let’s figure it out.

Each physical problem is based on one or another particular manifestation of one or several fundamental laws of nature and their consequences. Without a solid knowledge of theory, one cannot count on successful solutions and analysis of even relatively simple problems.

At the same time, a correct answer with an incorrect statement of a condition or solution does not guarantee a good grade. To achieve an optimal result, you need to learn how to format tasks in accordance with existing norms. To do this, you need to adhere to the following algorithm.

1. Read the condition carefully.

According to statistics, most of the errors occur even at the stage of reading the problem statement. This happens due to carelessness, unwillingness to ponder over the text. Such negligence, even with a good knowledge of the subject, often leads to incorrect results.

2. Write a short condition.

Writing the condition of the problem under the heading is performed “in a column” on the left side of the page. A straight line indicates this field. Generally accepted designations are used to designate values. For example, bodyweight is indicated by the Latin letter “m,” speed – “v.”  Next to the letter designation is the number mentioned in the task. You should be careful, as sometimes there is no number in the condition, but it is implied. For example: “When water boils under normal conditions, liquid …” Since we know at what temperature this happens, you need to write down this number.

Often in the process of solving, it is necessary to add some additional tabular values (for example, the density of bodies). In this case, you do not need to try to remember all the reference data and the values of physical constants because all the necessary information is in the textbooks. Only the data provided in the reference material can be used for doing your homework.

In the assignment, it is also necessary to indicate what exactly needs to be found in the end. For this, no words are used, but the letter designations of the desired one. If this is not done, a mistake is inevitable, which will lead to a decrease in the grade.

3. Conversion of units of measurement in SI.

Next to the column with a short condition, there is another one, no less important. It is called “SI.” In the task, various numbers and data may sound, which must be converted into the generally accepted international system of units of physical quantities.

4. Drawing creation.

It is quite possible that when solving a problem in physics, you will need a drawing. These can be coordinate axes, velocity vectors, displacements, and so on. In some cases, it will not be possible to complete the task without them. Remember! A drawing, even if it is done “for oneself,” must be accurate and correct.

5. Solution writing.

To make all the necessary calculations and find the required data, you can use two ways to write the solution to the problem:

  • by actions;
  • derive the final formula and make the final calculation.

6. Recording and checking the answer.

One of the most common mistakes is an incorrect recording of the answer. Numerical data must be specified together with the units of measurement. If the answer is to be presented as a fraction, this is how it should be written. The answer must be complete.

Use these tips, and you will deal with your problem solution correctly!


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