How to determine a new car on-road or ex-showroom price?

Nowadays, everyone wishes to own a car. According to Statista “Being one of the largest automotive sectors, India will have over 295 million registered vehicles in 2019.

Every middle-class person wants to have his own car where he would love to spend quality time with their family members. They try to save money where they can compromise to buy a car, they plan their expenses carefully so they can afford to buy a car. A customer should always be aware of each and every expense when it comes to buy a new car. Below we’ve stated a few key points to consider for determining a new car on road and or ex showroom price.

All about New Car on-road price

On road price of a car varies on several factors. On road price can be called as the total amount as a customer you have to pay for getting the ownership of the car. From tax to actual cost it includes everything.

Below is the list of number of items included.

  • Registration
  • Green cess
  • ​​Road Tax
  • TCS (Tax Collected at Source)
  • Handling/Logistics charges
  • Insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Annual maintenance package
  • Essential accessories
  • On-road price

New car ex-showroom price

A dealer’s ex-showroom price includes the amount it pays the state government for buying the vehicle from the manufacturer and the tax it pays on that purchase. In some states and cities, octroi tax was levied but since the GST is used it is no longer levied. Ex-showroom prices differ from state to state because states impose different tax percentages.

How to check the ex-showroom or On-Road price of any car online?

The number you read on any kind of advertisement online or offline, either be newspaper or any website. You would find the ex-showroom price of the car. The cost for bringing the car to the showroom is ex-showroom price. There are several online portals for checking the ex showroom price of any car.  One of the most trusted places to Check new car on-road price , Generally known as Orange book value.


Ques 1: Why does the on-road price differ from the ex-showroom price?

Ans: The ex-showroom price of a car does not include costs associated with registering, paying road tax, or buying insurance. However, the on-road price includes the previously mentioned costs together with the cost of Insurance, Registration, and any accessories that a person chooses to purchase

Can we get a discount on the ex-showroom price of the car?

With a discount that only applies to Ex-Showroom prices, the road tax and insurance were calculated as well, so all in all, you can save a lot of money on the road tax and insurance as well.

Is the ex-showroom price the same all over India?

Because each state imposes its own tax, union territories have a lower registration tax than other states.

Is there a state in India where buying a car is the cheapest?

Yes, Pondicherry is one of the cheapest places you can buy a car where you have to pay the lowest tax rate.

In which state is the RTO tax the highest?

Karnataka has the highest road tax across all price brackets for passenger vehicles. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal have higher road taxes than 10% overall.


As now you know the difference between new cars on road and ex-showroom price you can check which would suit you the best as your budget and requirements allow. One should be careful and should be aware of each and everything the customer is paying for.


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