How to Earn Extra Bucks as a Student? | 5 Easy Jobs You Can Take Up!






A student studying in another city may have to bear many expenses, be it the tuition fees, accommodation rent, activity costs, and textbook pricing. With these expenses, students may want to earn extra income without compromising their studies. Suppose you are running short on cash or want to earn money and experience while studying. In that case, you can become a homework helper and help students struggling with their academics or do other part-time jobs listed below, which can be helpful.


· Be a private tutor:

Working as a private tutor can give students a great scope to share their interests and, at the same time, earn additional money for doing so. Students can choose this flexible work type, in person or online. Besides, you will be your boss; you will set the work hours and be the tutor for the students you think can have your knowledge input. First, get some online tips and training sessions that can help you understand how to become a private tutor. Then, the expert can give you good coaching so you can have a basic understanding and at the same time get the certification which you can show to the parents while approaching.


· Earn money while selling old textbooks:

This is another interesting job you can consider for yourself. If you have some good-quality textbooks but don’t need them anymore, maybe someone else would need them. You can sell those books to your juniors and get good money. Otherwise, there are online website options like Amazon and eBay where you can sell the books. On social media platforms like Facebook, you can join the student group community where you can post your ad to sell the books and earn extra money.


· Be a part of the market research projects

Marketing research projects can be a great scope if you like to research and learn. This means being a part of some market research where online surveys would be conducted. If you finish these surveys, you earn income. Besides, it is a great way to learn about new things and explore better job opportunities. All you need to do is voice your opinion and earn additional income. There is also a job opportunity if you are part of a focus group. In this, you can earn more income as compared to online surveys. In such a group, your opinion on a specific marketing campaign or product would be asked. For this, you can earn quite a good income for each session.


· Get an internship:

This is one of the best ways to strengthen your CV while learning. In today’s competitive market of job requirements, you can add your experience as intent and other valuable skills, increasing your chances of getting hired by a recognised company. This is a great way to earn income and learn as well. Usually, the internship can take 3 to 12 weeks, in which the payments could vary.


· Work at the campus 

There are so many part-time job opportunities available on-campus. For example, you can be a part of helping teachers during their lectures and earn. In addition, you can meet new people and explore universities as they offer contract-based jobs to let you earn while you study. There are many options available in on-campus job roles, which can vary from retail to hospitality. It is entirely your choice to go with the one that interests you and can be helpful for your future career.



You can also take some freelancing jobs, look for a data entry typing job, or be a part of beta testing apps. Working from home or part-time jobs can be best for students to earn additional income without compromising their studies. Besides, getting a paycheck from hard work is a rewarding and motivating experience. Students don’t have to make a huge investment or be skilled and experienced enough to start with part-time work.


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