How to Expand Your Style with Jeans

Many men like to tell people they are a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of guy. But with so many different jean options out there, that might not mean what it used to anymore. With so many styles, colors and patterns, it can sometimes feel intimidating to choose a new pair of men’s jeans online, but today we’re going to walk through how you can slowly start to expand your wardrobe without giving up the great comfort and versatility that jeans provide.

First, figure out what kind of styles you’re interested in. Picking up a men’s magazine or checking out the fashion choices your favorite celebrities make is a great place to start. You might want to take note of colors or styles that jump out to you and remember to pay attention to the rest of the outfit as well! Once you have an idea of the kind of look you’re going for you will want to think about your body type and what works best on your frame. While you might be familiar with a loose-fitting pair of jeans, you might discover that a fitted, tapered style is actually what compliments you best. That doesn’t mean you have to immediately jump to wearing something outside of your comfort zone, but you might begin by purchasing something in a slightly slimmer fit so you can slowly adjust.

Finding your sense of style can be difficult, and many men might be afraid of looking foolish, so don’t be afraid to start slow! If your end game is a colorful pair of painted jeans, you might start with something like dark blue painted jeans. That way you can give the style a go but stay with familiar colors until you feel confident enough to make the switch. If you’re interested in jeans with lots of detailing, you could start with a pair of distressed biker jeans that will give you something a little different but isn’t immediately jumping into the deep end.

When you’re trying out a new style of jeans it’s wise to go somewhere you feel comfortable. Start by wearing them around your house, and then you can move on to wearing them at a friend’s place or out on a simple errand like grabbing groceries. Don’t forget the earlier advice of paying attention to an entire outfit, as your footwear and shirts may also need some updating to match your new denim.

You deserve to feel good in the clothes you wear. If a casual fit is what feels best for you then stay in a casual fit! However, if you want to rock painted, embroidered, or bleached denim then don’t let anyone stop you. Just figure out what you like and take it slow. You might feel nervous at first but wearing clothes you feel good in is guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel better about your overall appearance.

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