How to express love with? 

To maintain a loving relationship, it’s important that you show your partner how you feel about them. Show your love for him in a way he understands and appreciates. By making some effort, you will be able to express your feelings and make your love story last.

1-Show your love to your partner

Understand your partner’s needs. Perhaps you are expressing your love through gifts while your partner feels the love more through touch. Realize that the way you give your love might not match the way your lover receives love. It will open your eyes. Understanding the proofs of love that your partner is receptive to will help you show them your feelings in the right way. Try out different methods and see which ones your partner is most receptive to. Studies on the subject have made it possible to establish 5 “love languages” or ways of lovingly communicating with one’s partner, expressing love, and receiving love  

Words of appreciation: compliments, expressing positive feelings, saying “I love you”.

Quality moments: devote your attention entirely to your partner.

Gifts: physical symbols of love, such as flowers, jewelry, tools.

Services rendered: walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen.

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2-Verbalize your feelings

Tell your partner that you love them. Tell him/her that you find him / her beautiful. Your partner cannot read your thoughts. When you are in awe of him (her), tell him/her in words. Express your feelings and keep in mind that your partner will never get tired of them.

It may be easier for you to write down your feelings than to say them out loud. In this case, write cards and letters to your partner. Leave him short notes, to show him that you think about him and that you care about him.

3-Show your affection

Physical affection is a way of communicating love in a way that words cannot. When you are with your partner, be affectionate and express your love through touch. Touch her arm, hold her hand, and wrap your arm around her waist. Touch allows you to create intimacy and show your partner that you want to be physically close to him.

Realize that some people appreciate great displays of physical affection and others do not. Chat with your partner and see what they like, how they like to be touched, and if they’re okay with you touching them in public.

4-Spend one-on-one time with your partner

Between work, kids, dogs and cats, in-laws, and friends, we are all overwhelmed. Remember to set aside time for your partner and just for him. Hire a babysitter for the children and have a romantic evening. Focus on your partner and bring up topics that matter to both of you. Avoid talking about everything you have to do, kids or money. Have a good evening and enjoy each other’s company.

Your romantic evenings will not always have to be romantic, have fun! Go for a fun activity and laugh together!

5-Express your gratitude

Show your partner that you love them by acknowledging everything they do for you. Express your gratitude for the things he does (pick up the children, buy the dog’s food) and also express your gratitude for the qualities he has (his kindness, his generosity, etc.

  • Express your gratitude in words, orally or in writing.
  • You can also express your gratitude with gifts, flowers, a good meal, or something else.

6-Be nice

In a relationship, kindness is the most important factor for long-term stability and satisfaction. By being kind, you will show your partner that you are ready to fully invest in your relationship. To make your interactions as positive as possible, see kindness more as a muscle that needs to be worked, than as an innate character trait.

If your partner has a need and you’re tired, distracted, or overwhelmed, don’t neglect it. Turn to him and let him know how you are feeling. It is also important to know how to be kind during arguments. Treat your partner with kindness. When you haven’t been nice, recognize it and do what is necessary to right your wrongs.

7-Share your joy

Celebrate the good news of your partner. Be her for him (her) in difficult times, but also when your partner receives good news. Partners who celebrate each other’s joys together experience a more stable relationship. Show your partner that you support him and share his joy. Give them your undivided attention when they share this good news with you.

  • Take a full interest in your partner. Ask him questions and be enthusiastic
  • Expressing love during arguments

8-Promote positive interactions

Make sure you have 5 times more positive interactions than negative interactions. Research has shown that for every negative interaction, five positive interactions are needed to repair the damage and restore the relationship. If negative interactions are not countered by positive interactions, they will accumulate and gradually move you away from your partner. Talk with her/him of nature through Frases de Dios , it will help you to think positive.

  • Show your partner that you are listening and understanding them.
  • Get closer to your partner through touch.
  • Use something in common, such as humor.

9-Show empathy, despite the conflict

Even when you and your partner don’t agree, show them you’re listening. Empathize with his point of view, clearly expressing your understanding of what he is saying and feeling. Remember (and remind your partner) what you admire in him, despite the argument

10-Express your forgiveness

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’ve done something wrong with your partner. Recognize when you’ve been mean or made a mistake. Express what the mistake was and ask your partner for forgiveness. Likewise, when your partner makes a mistake, easily forgive them. Forgiveness allows both parties to recognize their weaknesses and make their relationship flourish. Don’t dwell on your partner’s little things and move on quickly.


Pay attention to what your partner does for others – this will be a clear indication of how he or she will most appreciate your showing love.


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