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We often hear from potential clients, “We want to hire klaviyo experts for an email role, but we don’t know what to look for.” Well, you should think about a few things. We’ve had the good fortune to work with good email marketers. They did a lot for our brands and led the most successful email marketing campaigns. We’ve also worked with a few people who might have done better at another job. We’ll talk about what we’ve seen in the best email marketers we’ve worked with and give you some ideas on how to qualify the people you’re interviewing.

Here’s How To Find And Hire A Great Email Marketing Specialist

1.     They Recognize the Importance of Repetition

One of the essential aspects of email marketing is ensuring that your software is reliable and efficient. You can only do this by constantly engaging in analysis. Small details are often overlooked, which may cause the program to veer off course. These elements can include the program’s appearance, the location of the buttons, how the software instructs the user on what to do, or even what it says. Also, remember that things that were successful in the past may not be successful in the present. The most effective specialist in email marketing will labor diligently until each pixel is just where it should be.

2.     They Are Not Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Testing is another essential step in the process of achieving success with email. If klaviyo experts aren’t, the reason most likely is that people don’t want to admit when they’re incorrect. We have been taught that making a mistake is something to be ashamed of, yet the purpose of the email is always to question what is happening in the world. Employing individuals who aren’t afraid of making mistakes and have a passion for discovering novel approaches to old problems is essential to achieving financial and professional success. If they place an excessive amount of importance on not being right, it is possible that they will not be able to deal with the reality that they will be wrong a great deal.

3.     They Are Crazy about Data

They need to be creative and use data for email marketing to work. If the person doesn’t love data, they won’t be a good klaviyo expert’s marketer. That’s the end of the story. You can show them how to make a pivot table, but it would be better if they already knew how. This is a simple question for an interview. You can show them with a pivot table. Ask them about it to find out. Have them fix it. They aren’t the oneswho start shaking, get hives, or talk about brands.

4.     They Keep a Cool Head

Your patience will be put to the ultimate test while dealing with email since having to flip tables repeatedly is not enjoyable. Because of this, you need to have the ability to manage stress gracefully. Additionally, many “brand” marketers may send harassing emails to individuals if they cannot get the desired outcome. The ability to take a step back and acknowledge that “the data tells us a different tale” is a skill in and of itself.

5.     They Care About the Little Things

Sending an email with a typo in the subject line or a link that doesn’t work is almost everyone’s worst nightmare. So, before you hit send, make sure that person can spot mistakes. Also, if you’re not good at paying attention to details, make sure you have someone on your team who is and make them a part of the QC process. These questions are easy to answer: bring a one-page document with two or three small mistakes. Ask them to check it out. If they don’t get them, they are out of the game.

6.     Creation of a Cold Campaign

Many email marketers klaviyo experts got their start in B2C (Business-To-Consumer) e-commerce. But email marketers with a background in B2B (Business-To-Business) can often make great cold email campaigns. Your sales team and marketing team must be on the same page when you’re running cold campaigns. Email marketers don’t always get in touch with a prospect before the sales team does. When this happens, we send out emails with different messages.

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