How to find current location with a phone tracker?

Finding the current GPS location of another person is now simpler than ever. In the past, people had to go the extra mile and utilize bugs to track mobile phones remotely. Thanks to the technological advancements, users can quickly track the exact location and track phones without being recognized. This can assist parents and employers, and any other concerned person in many ways than anyone could imagine.

Let’s continue to learn more about mobile location tracking.

Reasons to track the current location

Before we get into the details of different methods of determining the location in real-time of a cell phone, it is crucial to go over the fundamentals. There could be a myriad of reasons to use an app that tracks location of mobile devices. For example, some scenarios could be like this:

  • Most of the time, parents prefer to track the locations of their children via the internet. This lets them know whether their children are in school, have made it home in a safe manner, or if they are in danger.
  • Employers who deploy their employees out on the road for projects can also utilize a mobile location tracker. This assists them in determining the development of the employees.
  • Couples engaged or married often prefer to track the location of their partner. This allows them to check their location and determine whether they’re safe or not.
  • Today, many people choose to utilize a mobile tracker for location tracking due to various other motives. For example, people want to know the exact location of their siblings and friends, parents, and other loved ones to ensure security.

How to find the current location with a phone tracker?

You have to find a quality application that you can rely on and then follow a proper procedure to get started with it. We’ll describe the basic procedure to understand how you can install a phone tracker and use it.

·  Buy mobile phone tracker software.

If you want the top-notch leading phone tracker app in 2021, you need to buy spyware that can offer you quality services. Go to the respective phone tracking app website and choose a suitable price package. You’ll need to use your credit card details to purchase the plan. Most of the time service provider sends an email to the user that contains login details and URL for installing spyware.

·  Install the spyware

You have to check the mobile phone’s compatibility where you want to install the software. After that, you can unlock the target phone and then open a web browser. First, you’ve to ensure the cell phone has internet connectivity or mobile data for installation.

Place the link there; it will get you to the APK file, then you can click on it. Within 10 minutes, the mobile phone tracker will be on the phone. Now, you can provide all the permissions to the phone tracker and enable the stealth mode so the user won’t find out about it.

· Setup dashboard

Here is an important thing you need to know; a location tracker contains a web-based interface mostly known as a dashboard of an app. Install the app before and then arrange the dashboard. For that, open your phone or laptop and, through the browser, log in to the online portal. You’ll find the features that you subscribed to before.

·  Track through tracking features

You’ve completed the process, and now it’s time to find the current location through the tracker. Find the GPS tracking feature on the dashboard and start getting the latest updates on your child, employee, or partner’s location.

Best mobile phone tracking app

You should research before getting any tracking application. We’ve tried and tested these top mobile phone apps that you can consider for your needs.


TheWiSpy is, without a doubt, the best mobile phone tracker app that you can make use of. It offers the real-time and precise location of a mobile phone remotely. The user who is being tracked won’t even know that they’re being followed.

This app is extremely helpful to parents who wish to track their children’s location and past visited places. It’s a comprehensive parental control tool that will assist you in setting restrictions on the gadgets that your children use.

  • TWS can track the current location of the device precisely.
  • Users can access their dashboards to view the exact location of their mobile phones.
  • You’ll find information of the history of locations and the routes followed by the targeted person.
  • Advanced features such as geofencing are also available to receive alerts for check-ins and checkouts.
  • It is possible to block (or remove) the app or site you want from a distance.
  • You can create time-based or location-based limitations on device use.
  • You can also use keyword alerts to ensure a safer browsing experience.
  • It isn’t necessary to jailbreak or root the phone to use TWS advance features.


If you are looking to track the location of your mobile phone without being detected, you could utilize the mSpy app. While the mobile location tracking app costs more than other apps, it has a lot of extra options. One drawback is that you must jailbreak the device first.

  • The device tracker will give the current location for the phone remotely, and this without being detected.
  • Users can also get an account of the least visited places the device has been in the past.
  • The app will track vital information about the device, such as contact logs, call logs, messages, browser history, and other things.
  • It has compatibility with Android 4+ as well as iOS 7 8.4, 9.0-9.1. 8.4, 9.0-9.1.


XNSPY comes on third on the list, but it’s one of the best phone trackers you can find online. You can remotely track the mobile phone’s current location in seconds. So whether it’s your child, employee, or even your partner, XNSPY will give you accurate results according to your needs. In addition, It allows you to check the history of visited locations from the online portal at any time.

  • XNSPY is easy to use and a secure mobile phone tracker.
  • You can remotely find the GPS location of your target.
  • You will get 24/7 transparency.
  • It helps in improving parenting through the latest location updates.
  • It supports most iOS and Android phones.


Glympse is a social application that allows users to share locations among groups of people who are invited. After the circle has been created, users will be able to see the exact areas of members of the group without having to remind them. They can also switch off their location at any time they’d like.

  • The app is supported by all Android and iOS platforms and allows multi-platform sharing of the location.
  • Users can chat with other users in groups and also have a one-on-one chat.
  • The navigation option is available to help users get to their destination without becoming lost.
  • No registration is required.
  • Sharing of location can be limited to only invite-only groups.
  • Find an estimate of the time of arrival and Check-in alerts.

Which phone tracking app is better?

You now understand how to find the current location with a phone tracker, so you can get updates on the places your loved ones are visiting remotely. It’s easy to keep your child safe when you know the upcoming dangers.

Out of all mobile phone trackers, TheWiSpy offers 100% accurate, quick, and reliable tracking services. In addition, it is undetectable, so you won’t get caught if you’re tracking secretly. Apart from being the best phone tracker app, TWS offers many other features that can help you keep your kid safe from online and physical dangers.


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