How To Find the Perfect Voice Actor for Your Project

Voice acting adds more context to your project and helps viewers understand what’s happening with ease. Voiceover actors typically read a script and present a character. Their narration sets the tone for films, commercials, audiobooks, and TV series. Here’s how to find the perfect voice actor for your project.

Find the right platform to hire professional voice actors.

Voices is the number one creative-services marketplace for audio production, not just in the United States but in the world. It’s a platform where you can hire voiceover actors, audio producers, musicians, and translators. Having access to the right platform is an essential factor in finding the right actor for your project. This is because platforms provide you with the best way to connect with vital voices. Voices has a talent pool of over 2 million freelance voiceover actors across 160 countries. You can even use it to complete your project with translation, music, and audio production. The filtering options allow marketers to narrow down the best voice actor for a project. On top of that, the site makes it easy to find a voice actor within minutes of posting a job listing. You can make quick hiring decisions within your budget and hear your project come to life!

Think about the tone of voice you’re looking for in an actor.

What are the core attributes of the voice you’re looking for? Are they meant to evoke a specific emotion? Are you looking for someone with a deep, low bass or an energetic, high-pitched voice? A voice actor’s tone sets grounds for the listener and allows them to understand the nuances of your project. If your business wants to be associated with a specific type of individual, it may be best to list those characteristics and emotions. Listen to different voiceovers and describe what you’re looking to evoke in your project. Give an example of what you’re looking for in an actor. Descriptors can involve anything, like someone’s age or their accent. You can request a voice that sounds young or old, raspy or smooth, clear or breathy. Maybe you are looking for someone who sounds gruff, or perhaps you’re looking to describe the intensity of someone’s voice and emotion. These are all descriptions you can add to your job posting.

Define the audience and how you’ll be able to reach them.

In order to guarantee that the voice actor resonates with your audience, you’ll need to define your audience. Who is the target market for your project, and how can you guarantee that they’ll respond to it well? For example, if you’re marketing services to an older population, then finding a voice around the same age group is probably best. It’ll establish a feeling of camaraderie right from the start and set the tone for the rest of the project. If you were to market a service to an older population with a voice actor who sounds younger, it can be difficult for your audience to trust their opinion. These are just a few things that marketers have to think about when choosing the perfect voice actor.Locate an actor based on your budget range.

At the end of the day, budget is a huge determining factor in finding your ideal voice actor. At Voices, you can choose a range for your budget or a fixed rate. If you don’t know how to price a specific job, there’s also a recommended rate for projects. You can list a job for free on the platform, then you pay a talent fee and a processing fee once you hire someone.

These were just a few tips on how to find the perfect voice actor for your project. Using the right marketplace to find your talent is the best way to start your voice-acting project on the right foot!


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