How to Get Better Water Pressure in Shower

Shampoo dripping from your head and running into your eyes, you are all soapy in the shower and cursing your showerhead. Bad situation, right?

It happens with many of us in the morning due to the low-pressure showerheads. Morning and evening showers are nice and refreshing, but with dull showers, feelings are the opposite. In this blog, we will tell you how to get better water pressure in the shower

Test Your Showerhead’s Flow

You’ll need to test your showerhead flow; it helps you determine the showerhead’s condition and which type of solution you should opt for. Place a 5-gallon bucket under the water flow and turn on the shower. Let it run for about a minute and observe how long it takes to fill the bucket. Use a stopwatch for better measurement. To calculate the GPM (Gallons Per Minute), divide five by the amount of time it took to fill the bucket, and hence you will get the GPM of your showerhead flow. 2.5 GPM is the perfect flow rate for your shower. However, in some places, the allowable rate of water flow is 2.0. Less than that is considered a low water flow. 

Clean the Shower Head

Accumulated dirt, rust particles, and limescale are the common reasons for low water pressure. Homeowners clean every corner of the house and forget about the showerhead, which is the ground of all kinds of bacteria and dirt from water. 

If you have a dirty showerhead, there are many ways to clean it thoroughly;

  1. Immerse your showerhead in a vinegar solution.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the vinegar solution for extra deep cleaning and mix well. 
  3. If you have an ECO showerhead, change the mineral balls and enjoy more clean and fresh water. 

There are also different cleaning liquids available in the local supermarket. They are pretty helpful but can be expensive and tight on your grocery budget. 

Check the Showerhead’s Settings 

People often get annoyed by the low-pressure showerheads, but they didn’t notice the water-saving feature in the shower. Some homeowners install a water-saving showerhead to reduce the flow rate and save water. So, when you move into the new house, you experience low water pressure. Water-saving showers are great for the environment and water bills, but they don’t give a satisfying shower. 

Is it possible to change the settings of your shower?

Yes, it is definitely possible to change the flow rate of your water-saving shower. It has a small hole inside where the flow restrictor is fitted. You can change the size of these restrictors as different-sized holes are available in the market. However, some showers also have a reset option. Change the shower setting and enjoy the flow. 

Call a Plumber 

After checking all by yourself, you failed in finding the problem or ran out of solutions. It’s time to call a plumber. He will hunt down the problem and sort everything out. He will increase water pressure in the shower. 

Impurities Free Plumbing 

Keeping your domestic plumbing and main water free from impurities and contaminants like limescale, rust, slime, and other unpleasant substances is crucial. Below are three possible solutions that will help you to keep your plumbing free from impurities;

  1. Use water softeners filled with the manufacturer’s recommended chemicals.
  2. Buy attachments to increase the water velocity from your taps and showerhead.
  3. Buy a new showerhead with a new hose.

You’ll find plenty of high-pressure showerheads in both online markets and big sanitary stores. Here is one highly suggested showerhead that caters to your requirement of high pressure in the shower and solves the query of how to get better water pressure in the shower. It is known as ECO Water Showerhead. You’ll find three different kinds of mineral filtration beads for your specific water problems like clogging and low pressure. Our showerhead accumulates plenty of limescale, sand, rust, grit, and other kinds of debris. A filtered shower head will undoubtedly prevent clogging. It will increase water flow rates by up to 200% and save up to 30% and make you feel like the shower pressure has impressively improved.

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