How to Get Old Bike Insurance Copy Online?

A valid two-wheeler insurance policy is a must-have for all two-wheeler owners in India. Whether it is a brand-new or a used bike, you must safeguard insurance papers and carry them with you whenever you are riding the bike anywhere in India. You may need to produce the documents for surprise checks on the road by the police or while filing a claim. As per the traffic rules, you need to insure your bike to ride on public roads. Failure to do so will result in penalties or imprisonment, or even both in some situations. In case you lose your bike insurance documents, do not panic. Start the process for getting duplicate copies of the same online at the earliest. Wondering how? Follow the steps mentioned in this article for the process.

You can get an online duplicate insurance copy only if you had purchased your two-wheeler insurance policy online. It is also an easier way to get a duplicate copy of the bike insurance as compared to the offline method. In case you misplace or lose your bike insurance document, do the following at the earliest to apply for a duplicate copy:

  • Visit your insurer’s official website or app from where you had bought the policy.
  • Enter your credentials such as the username and password to log in to your account on the insurer’s mobile app or website.
  • Follow the instructions on the webpage to verify your profile. After verification, select the policy covering your bike.
  • Enter the required information such as the policy number, your name, mobile number etc. to view the policy details.
  • You may print or download a copy of your bike insurance policy document by clicking the print or download tab.
  • You can also save a soft copy of the policy document on your smartphone. If you wish to hold a physical policy document, then opt for the print option.

You can also find your old bike insurance policy copy in your e-mail inbox. When you buy a two-wheeler insurance policy online, the insurance company sends a digital copy of the same to your registered e-mail address. If you have it in your mailbox, you can download it from there as well. Keep the digital copy handy when riding the bike or while making a claim, if required.

Due to the digitalisation of insurance buying, you can complete the bike insurance renewal online besides buying or transferring the policy. You will find it easy to carry out most of the insurance-related activities online.

Storing a soft copy in digital lockers

Physical copies of policies can get damaged by water, wind, fire, natural calamities or you could misplace or lose it. Nowadays, you can store a soft copy of your bike insurance policy documents as soft or digital insurance policies are accepted in India. It is considered at par with physical documents. You do not need to always carry a hard copy of the insurance policy document. You just have to store the soft copies in a government-supported app. DigiLocker is such an app where you can store government-issued or other important documents. The app is recognised by authorised government offices and agencies. Get a duplicate two-wheeler insurance copy fast and instantly in case you lose the hard copy.

Your two-wheeler insurance policy is an important legal document. It specifies the terms and conditions of the contract between you and the insurer. It is mandatory in India for all two-wheeler riders to have a third-party insurance plan. Therefore, you could be punished if caught by the police for riding without it. Besides, you would not be able to make any claim in case of an accident or damage to the bike if you do not have the required documents.

Until you receive the duplicate copy, avoid driving your bike as you may get fined or imprisoned for driving without insurance. There can be bigger problems if you meet with an accident involving a third party or your bike gets damaged due to some reason. In such situations, you have to bear all costs on your own due to missing policy documents.

A two-wheeler insurance copy is important if you own a bike and its absence could get you into trouble. So, one of the best ways to secure it is to maintain a soft copy of the bike insurance policy document. To make it convenient for the policyholders, several insurance companies offer soft copies of two-wheeler policy documents. You can refer to it easily wherever you go. You can also retrieve and get your documents from the insurer’s website anytime. It is a safe and secured method.


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