How to Hire a House Cleaner: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve finally had enough. You’ve realized that between your job, your kids, your spouse, and running errands, you’ll never get the chance to thoroughly clean your house. The carpets could use a good cleaning, the kitchen is becoming an eyesore, and so is the soap scum in your bathrooms.

Let’s not even talk about cleaning the toilets, which is the most hated chore in the US. To save your sanity, let’s talk about how to hire a house cleaner.

A professional house cleaner who will get to every nook and cranny that you have been unable to. A house cleaner who will organize, get rid of that irritating pet odor, and leave your house sparkling clean.

Start By Deciding What You Need Them to Clean

What do house cleaners do? We know that they clean houses, but not all of them offer the same cleaning services. It’s essential to find a company that would be willing to accommodate your cleaning needs.

It’s possible that you’re not looking for a house cleaner to clean the entire house. It’s also possible that you are, and a lot of things will hinge on this.

If you only want them to tackle the kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets, they’ll charge differently to cleaning the entire house. Most house cleaning company Houston TX or housemaids have a cleaning package.

Standard cleaning services involve basic things such as vacuuming, dusting, and organizing. However, if you need deep cleaning, they will go all-in and could customize their package depending on your needs. Some companies will even do laundry and mow the lawn at an extra charge.

Consider Their Pricing Model

Some domestic cleaning services charge by the hour while others offer a flat-rate fee. To give you a price estimate, they’ll start by asking how large your house is. It could be through the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, though some companies will ask about the square footage of your property.

Flat Rate Cleaning Companies

You could expect flat-rate packages to include things like full kitchen cleaning, dusting in all rooms, and full bathroom cleaning. These might also include vacuuming in all rooms, washing the dishes, mopping the floors, and emptying your garbage. However, add-ons are acceptable, and it could be that you need window cleaning, doing laundry, or cleaning your fridge, cabinets, oven, baseboards, and blinds. Any additional cleaning will be at extra costs.

The beauty of a flat-rate fee is that you’ll know exactly what they’re charging you. You’ll also know what chores are included in the packages, so there are no surprises.

Hourly Rate Cleaning Companies

An hourly rate will depend on how long it takes the house cleaner to complete the chores and tasks. Some companies will ask you how many hours you’d like to pay for. The cleaner will clean your house for that duration and stop once the time lapses.

However, it’s easier to allot the tasks you want handled, see how long it takes, and pay for their time. Inquire whether the cleaning service has a minimum number of hours and how many cleaners they will send you. Ask whether the hourly rate applies per company or per cleaner to avoid confusion.

One of the best things about an hourly rate is that it’s easier to customize, and you can choose what areas of the house need cleaning. Instead of paying a flat-rate fee for a five-bedroom house while you only need the bathrooms cleaned, you’ll only pay for the time it takes to clean the bathrooms. On the downside, hourly costs can escalate to unpredictable amounts, especially if you expect a full-house cleaning.

There is also no incentive for a house cleaner to be fast, and they could work slowly to get more money. For this reason, you’ll need to find a reputable cleaner or cleaning company that will be fair in their hourly charges.

A House Cleaning Maid Vs. a House Cleaning Company

There will be a difference between hiring an independent housemaid and a large cleaning company. Independently, housemaids can be a cheaper option because they set their own rates. They have no boss waiting to take a cut, and they have few overhead costs, and hence will be more open to negotiations.

They can be a good option if you intend to get regular house cleaning services as they’ll offer consistency. On the downside, an independent house cleaner is unlikely to be bonded or insured. If anything were to happen, then you would be responsible for damages and no protection against theft.

It may be hard to conduct a background check on them as well, which makes it better to hire through referrals. Large cleaning companies will be licensed, bonded, and insured, so you’ll have full protection. Most companies have various insurance policies, including general liability and workers’ compensation policies.

Companies also vet and train their employees, and you can easily check their customer reviews online. It’s easier to find out how trustworthy and reputable they’re compared to independent house cleaners. One of the benefits of house cleaning services is that they’re reliable as they have many employees to send over.

They’ll also clean to a higher standard due to the amount of experience they have gathered on the job. The downside is that with so many overhead costs, they’ll possibly charge higher. You may also have to deal with different people every time you need house cleaning.

How to Hire a House Cleaner

When selecting a house cleaner or cleaning company, start by checking how responsive they are to your calls and queries. Ask what services they offer and which ones they don’t, who provides the cleaning supplies, and if they offer a guarantee. If you’re dealing with a company, inquire if they could send the same team every time you need house cleaning.

Ask to see their insurance policies and license, and discuss what you need to do about kids and pets during cleaning.

Finding and Choosing the Best House Cleaners

If you have been wondering how to hire a cleaner, there are important things to consider. It’s vital to ensure you hire a reputable and trustworthy company because they’ll be coming into your home, where your family lives. Consider whether hiring a cleaner would be better compared to a company by weighing all pros and cons.

Did you find the article informative? Now that you know how to hire a house cleaner, check out our blog for more valuable content.


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