How to Identify Quality Cashmere






With the soaring popularity of cashmere products, there’s bound to be at least some level of market exploitation. Thus, unsurprisingly, pure cashmere is hard to find. Some merchants even mix in rat fur with cashmere. So, before you buy that cashmere shawl, make sure you know how to spot a fake one!


Cashmere is very soft, but sometimes manufacturers might try to make up for wool that wasn’t adequately de-haired. If the cashmere or price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Bear in mind that you’re looking for a plushy softness rather than a slippery glide.


Pure cashmere looks just as luxurious as it’s made out to be. Cheap cashmere? Not so much. Also, cheap cashmere is bound to have some sort of color or design flaws that are relatively easy to spot as well. Hence, be sure to examine “cashmere” cloth carefully before buying.


Some merchants save up on costs by making their cardigans and cashmere shawls extremely thin, so much so, they might as well be sheer! Make sure the cashmere is appropriately light so it won’t wear out really quickly.


If cashmere cloth seems reflective and shiny, it’s probably not the real deal. However, this might also be intentional to enhance durability and elasticity. Plus, it also allows the cloth to be machine-washed and dry-cleaned.

Get The Best Kinross Cashmere Shawls from Mildred Hoit!

With Mildred Hoit, you won’t have to worry about quality because we guarantee nothing less than perfection! Check out our cashmere collection here. In fact, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites just for you!

  • The Cashmere Ruffle Wrap is a very versatile one-size-fits-all scarf that is perfect for just about any occasion.
  • The Cat’s Meow Cashmere Shawl is for all the cat lovers out there. It’s cute, chic, stylish, and perfect for keeping warm while also slaying with style!
  • The Cheval Cashmere Printed Shawl is a very lightweight shawl that would work great all year round. Plus, it comes in both aqua and marine, so you can choose which color works best for you.
  • This Cashmere Topper is available in two different colors and would be the perfect addition to your winter collection. It’s grace and style all in one!
  • The Cashmere Poncho Cape is absolutely essential for your wardrobe, especially for the days when you can’t be bothered to make an effort but still want to look good. 
  • If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your wardrobe, then the Verona Cashmere Shawl is your go-to. It also has loads of colors to choose from, which is an added bonus!

Cashmere is a one-of-a-kind fabric, truly worthy of royalty. Luckily, though, it has become pretty affordable over the years, and you don’t need to be very wealthy to get your hands on an exquisite cashmere shawl.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out our collection of Cashmere shawls while they’re still in stock. You won’t want to miss this!

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