How To Improve Your iPhone Battery Health?






Is your iPhone acting up? Are you questioning if it is because of poor battery health?

Your answer is here, typically it depends on how much you use your iPhone, but usually, an iPhone battery will be like a new one for 2-3 years. It can go for several more years before you need to have them replaced.

A standard iPhone battery is designed to hold up to 80% of its original capacity of the charge cycles.

Anything less than 80% means that your iPhone battery needs replacement.

How to know it’s time to replace your iPhone battery

iPhone users know that there is nothing more critical than a damaged battery. Battery health is essential not only for iPhones but also for all other smartphones. But iPhone matters more as it helps to keep watch on our battery as iPhone provides better performance.

iPhones are infamous for having a terrible battery life.

Here are few unexpected signs of a bad iPhone battery:

  • Battery outgrew your iPhone
  • iPhone Shuts down suddenly
  • iPhone battery has poor battery health
  • iPhone turns hot
  • iPhone is turning slow
  • iPhone doesn’t charge when plugged in

Battery Out grew your iPhone:

The battery of your iPhone will outgrow the size of its case when it nears the end of its life. Battery outgrowing is one that very frequently happens when your mobile battery closes its life cycle.

iPhone Shuts down suddenly:

Faulty apps and battery issues can cause an iPhone that keeps turning off.

Your device manufacturer is continually working to fix any firmware bugs that may make your device run slowly, drain the battery, and yet cause instability to the system.

iPhone has poor battery health:

Poor battery health can cause even more issues to your iPhone. According to Apple, the battery’s maximum capacity is 80%. If your battery health is below 80%, it probably means that your iPhone needs a battery replacement.

iPhone turns hot:

If your iPhone’s burning hot, you need to cool it down quickly. It’s common for an iPhone to get warm or even desirable when being used.

Apple says in a support document that “using an iOS device in sweltering conditions can permanently shorten battery life.”

iPhone is turning slow:

iPhones slow down over time. But a lagging iPhone can be caused by poor battery performance issues. For fixing this issue, you can clean up your iPhone storage and reset your iPhone.

iPhone doesn’t charge when plugged in:

Often the problem is the small metal connector in the USB port. Sometimes it may be because of the IC problem, and sometimes it’s because the motherboard battery jack has been loosened. The popular option for fixing this issue is replacing your iPhone battery with the trustable iPhone repair shop near you.

If your iPhone faces any of these symptoms, kindly get your iPhone battery replaced from the nearest iPhone repair shop.

How do I keep my battery 100% healthy?

  1. Turn on the Auto-brightness and avoid full brightness of the iPhone
  2. Delete the extra energy taking Applications
  3. Do not let your iPhone overheat
  4. Avoid extreme temperatures
  5. Please do not close your apps. Manage them instead
  6. Manage your location service
  7. Charge slowly if you can
  8. Avoid charging beyond 100%

These are some ways to keep your iPhone battery healthy. If your iPhone still keeps acting up, getting it repaired will be a better choice for your iPhone, as it will give a new life to your iPhone.

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