How to Keep Curls Looking Good between Washes

It is a well-known fact that curly hair doesn’t get as greasy and oily as straight or wavy hair. Women worldwide share that they don’t want to wash their hair every day. Hair specialists also suggest that frequent washing increases the scalp’s natural sebum production, which creates a vicious cycle – the more you wash your hair, the more it needs a wash. 

There’s no formula on how often you should wash your hair. It is entirely individual. However, it is best to avoid washing your hair every day. Try to make the periods between your hair washes as long as possible. There are plenty of ways to keep your hair look bouncy and shiny in between washes. 

That’s why choosing hair care that helps your locks stay fresh-looking longer is vital for your hairstyle and the overall health of your curly hair. It is best to avoid hair care products with toxic ingredients. You can click here to check out high-quality hair care products that can revive your hair back to health. If you want to learn some tips on keeping your locks fresh-looking between washes, keep reading this article.  

How to Keep Curls Looking Shiny and Bouncy

Curls tend to be drier because oil can’t travel down the hair strands, as it does with straight hair.

There are other problems that many women with curly hair face every week. No one wants to wash their hair every day. But how can we keep our hair healthy-looking and beautiful between washes? Even though curly hair doesn’t get oily easier like straight hair, it can look damp, brittle, and dull between washes. Women with natural locks want to avoid this at all costs because they know how painful and dissatisfying it is to look at their damp, brittle untamable curls every morning. 

One of the things that can help is using natural shampoo and conditioner when we wash our hair in the first place. Brush your hair only under the shower or during the bath. 

Apply hair care products only on wet hair and use the comb or brush only in the shower or during a bath. Never comb your hair locks when dry because that will break your hair strands. Curls become smoother and more defined when combing your hair under the shower. Style your locks while your hair is still wet after rinsing your hair off of all products. 

Silk or Satin Pillowcase 

Pillowcases made of cotton aren’t very hair-friendly, especially if you have curls. That’s because cotton absorbs moisture and has a grinding and friction effect on your strands. Your hair constantly rubs on the pillow while you sleep. That’s why sleeping for longer periods on cotton pillowcases can cause hair breakage. Hair-friendly fabrics (such as satin or silk) have extraordinary beauty effects not only on our skin but also on our hair. Sleeping on a pillowcase made of silk or satin will reduce split-ends and frizzy hair strands. 

Silk pillowcases are not only chic. They work. Scientists have performed numerous studies claiming the benefits of silk pillowcases for hair and skin, and there are even some claims that it has a minor effect on improving sleep. 

Heatless Drying

Try to avoid drying your hair with heat as much as possible. Even though a diffuser is a must for women with long curly hair, it is still best to leave your hair to air dry or use a silk towel (turban) to dry it. If you don’t dry your hair with heat so much, you will notice that it will become more bouncy and shiny and doesn’t get brittle so much.

Having silky smooth and beautiful shiny hair will boost your confidence and give you back that versatility all women with curly hair know because they can wear their hair in many different ways and still look chic and fabulous.

To Sum It Up… 

If you washed your hair a day or two ago and your curls aren’t looking as fresh as in the first couple of hours, there are a few things that you can do to avoid getting brittle, damp hair. 

You can reduce frizziness and split ends, shaping your curls beautifully by doing a few simple things. Wash your hair with products considered “hair food,” including natural ingredients like those by Dianella. Their hair care offerings, packed with vitamins and minerals, are essential “nutrition” for your curls.

Refresh your curls and revive your hair back to its natural beauty and health by choosing the right kind of fabric to sleep on and dry your hair with. It is very important that your hair doesn’t touch cotton because strands get drier and brittle easier.

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