How to Keep Your Math Skills Sharp and Stop Learning Loss






One of the hard truths that came out of extended school closures is that pandemic-related learning loss sets students back in academic achievement. While students and faculty are accustomed to the cycle of summer learning loss, and they recover quickly in the first few weeks of each new school year, pandemic-related learning loss is different.

We hope that students can get back in the classroom and back on track with their academic achievements in the coming school year. But nobody knows how the 2021-2022 school year will go. Whether you are working on catching up or trying to survive another round of school closures and distance learning, these tips will help you keep your math revision skills.

Embrace Small Group Learning

Zoom classes largely did not pan out well for large groups of diverse learners. But small groups of similarly skilled students can still benefit from the interaction. Even if it is just two students meeting up online to revise math problems, the camaraderie can go a long way towards solidifying learning and improving academic performance.

In small groups, students benefit from discussions and shared perspectives. If a concept is fuzzy to one student, another can offer a supportive explanation. And because the learners are peers and not teacher-students, the psychological dynamic is different. That type of peer support can help mitigate stress from the fear of failing.

Use Technology

Extra help is increasingly important in virtual learning. In 2021, an increase in e-learning (affecting up to 98% of all schools) resulted in an increase of 30% in failing grades. If you are supplementing your math revision skills outside of the classroom, the internet can be a great resource.

YouTube videos and step-by-step math blogs can serve as self-teaching tools and may be able to present things in a different way than your regular teacher. Plus, the internet is filled with educational games that help students practice math skills. These games can sometimes feel a little cheesy but offer a little more fun than a pencil and paper. Plus, if you need help one-on-one, there are a variety of options for online tutoring. Practice in Mock Test Environments

Studying at home can quickly become very casual. Unfortunately, that can detract from motivation and cause serious anxiety when learners return to the classroom. However, students can mitigate these differences by making an effort to vary revision practice between casual learning and mock test environments. Try putting your textbook away and see how many problems you can do on your own. Mark the ones that give you trouble and focus your revision work on those topics.

Summing Up Maths Revision and Learning Loss

Mathematics is a challenging subject that takes regular practice. Extended time out of school causes significant learning loss that can only be made up with additional practice. Students who have or will spend time learning remotely this year should dedicate time every day to practicing math revisions to stave off learning loss. Small groups, virtual tutoring, online lessons, and mock test environments can help students keep their math skills sharp.

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