How to know if an SSD hard Drive is Damaged

Despite the absence of moving parts, many people incorrectly believe that SSDs cannot fail. It’s impossible to predict the future. The lifespan of the SSD can be longer than that of a hard drive, but they can and do fail. But not in the same way as old hard drives.

The reliability of SSDs is high, but they are like any other electronic device, they can malfunction. Unless they have no moving parts, you won’t hear that dreaded hard drive clicking sound.

Here we leave you four signs to know if an SSD hard drive is damaged, but before continuing keep in mind that if you determine that your SSD drive is really damaged, https://www.salvagedata.com/ recommend using a program to try to repair it, for that we have these recommendations.

Your Computer Takes a Long Time to Save Files

Bad locks affect both hard drives and SSD drives. This means that in a comparison between the reliability of SSDs and HDDs, SSDs do win. Although SSDs may lack the mechanical component of hard drives (or lack it, depending on your perspective), they are not immune to the same problems as hard drives. For more information you can visit our article: SSD hard disk vs. Conventional HDD

Most computer engineers would attribute “bad sectors” to hard drives, but it is the “bad blocks” that affect SSDs.In the event of a bad block, SSDs are known to take more than a short time to retrieve or save a file. Unfortunately, no matter how long you try, those attempts will end in failure, because the SSD suffers from bad blocks. And usually you will receive an error message from the computer that will warn you of the problem.

You may also notice a general slowness on your PC or applications freezing and crashing. Frequent errors are another sign that blocks are bad.

If you suspect that there is a bad block in the process of trying to save something, you are probably fine. You can save that data to another storage source and consider replacing the SSD.

However, if you detect a possible bad block when trying to recover data already saved on the SSD, you will probably have to consult a data recovery specialist to recover your data with the least risk of permanent loss. In both cases, the importance of backing up information before a problem cannot be underestimated.

You have to Restart Often

A corrupted file system is a bit tricky, because there are many variables that can potentially cause the damage, not just your SSD. For example, simply turning off the PC improperly can cause the computer to suggest repairing the file system. But SSDs can also be the culprit.If the SSD drive has bad locks or even a connection port problem, the result can be file corruption.

Most computers or computers come loaded with software to fix corrupted files. This repair software is usually quite good, and in many cases, it will ask you to perform a repair before you detect the problem. The tool will guide you through the repair process so that even the most novice user can fix corrupted files.As always, this solution is not foolproof. Sometimes these repairs can cause data loss. If you can’t afford to lose your data (no one can…), take the SSD to a data recovery specialist so they can safely recover it.

Your Computer Freezes During Startup

Just like file damage, there are many causes of them crashing while turning on the machine. Hard drive problems are just one of the potential causes. You can usually tell the difference between an SSD problem and some other cause if frequent reboots influence the result. If the computer responds positively when pressing the reset button a few times, it is likely that it is a possible failure of the SSD drive, in that case we recommend you read: How to repair a hard drive that does not start: Quick step-by-step guide .

To be sure of the cause, run some of your computer’s diagnostic tools, including repairing the corrupted file. Formatting the drive or even reinstalling the operating system could also solve the problem. If none of these solutions work, you are definitely facing SSD drive failure.

There might be some bad blocks on the SSD or the drive may be failing.Whatever the reason, you should think about how you will save your information immediately.

Make a backup as soon as possible and call a data recovery specialist to make sure they get your information, before the SSD fails for good.

You Get a Read-Only Error

This is probably the least common cause of SSD failure, but if you are trying to save data to the drive and you get a read-only error, the SSD probably has bad blocks.

When this happens, the computer will not allow you to do anything that requires the SSD to write data. Fortunately, the drive will continue to operate in read-only mode, which means you have a good chance of recovering your data if you don’t have a current backup. 

Connect the read-only SSD to an external hard drive. Try to dump your data onto the new storage media before the unit shuts down completely. If this doesn’t work, contact a data recovery specialist who can safely extract the data.

Each of these scenarios is a good reason to keep an up-to-date backup of your data at all times. Although sometimes we forget it or we just don’t have time to do it. If you experience an SSD drive failure and don’t have a reliable backup, feel free to contact a data recovery specialist to save your information and resume normal use of your computer.

If your computer is presenting any of these symptoms, we recommend you buy a new SSD soon. For more information, we invite you to visit our article on How to install an SSD Hard Drive.


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