How to launch a biotech product to gain money

Biotech startups are not the widespread type of business, as it demands dedicated knowledge, large amounts of investments, and enthusiasm. An average time for biotech product development from idea to entering the market is about ten years.

Many analysts believe that oncology, immunology, and cardiology will be the most promising fields in biotechnologies and biomedicine. If you wish to set up a startup company to enter the biotech market, you need to concentrate on branches where medical aid is particularly relevant and urgent. In other words – the future biotech product has to benefit society.

Below, you will find a brief step-by-step guide for biotech newcomers, which may help to avoid mistakes during designing a product and make biotechnology a reality. One of the most important actions is to invite the software developers, who are experienced in IT and biotech software development.

Check-list to remember 

Any project begins with an idea. First, it is significant to think over conception thoroughly, analyze the market and determine whether offering biotechnology will be essential and health-giving. Very often, a startup company chooses the wrong way and, as a result, its product remains unclaimed.

The next step is to create a product prototype and hold a survey among the target audience. At this stage, the main goal is to learn possible difficulties and obstacles, which may arise during product realization. Besides, you will have to work out solutions and ways of further promotion. Make sure you already have potential clients before starting biotechnology. These clients are going to be the ground for future cooperation.

An interesting fact is that despite living in the digital world, offline promotion is the best way to make your technology well known. Collaboration with respected doctors and scientists, pharma holdings,  wearable medical device manufacturers and medical companies is advantageous. As for the online promotion of biomedical products, it is supporting marketing, but also important.

Investments are vital.  Decide whether you are going to invest your own money or to attract them from the outside. Remember, if you invest your funds, you will have to think through your next steps.

Profitable biotech niches 

Diagnostics of existing diseases does not require a wide range of solutions from biotech companies. Today, the healthcare system is in great need of predictive analysis. It may help to define the possibility of diseases before it strikes the body. This area of study demands many resources, including financial investments. Nevertheless, predictive analysis is still one of the most popular trends in biotech.

Genetic engineering is the next widely distributed biotech niche. There are several large-scale players like Johnson & Johnson, Novartis or Roche who not only develop their effective medicines but also cooperate with many biotech startups.


Biotech startup supposes that the developer does all the work from pre-production testing to operating activity. It is essential to do the books, promote the product, and collaborate with pharmacies, doctors, and heads of various medical companies.  That is why biotech founders always keep in mind thousands of things. Even if you let some minor task out of your sight, it may lead to big losses.

A biotech startup is complicated, time consuming, but with good organization it can be very profitable. However, competent product management may not only be useful for future business development, but also for thousands of sick people around the world. So, you can get both, the moral and financial compensation for your successful biotech project.


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