How to lock a Facebook account?

Facebook allows the users’ a lot of privacy options. It offers them to lock his Profile through desktop, mobile app or android device and browser. By taking service, the user can get a bulk Facebook account. Facebook gives each of its users the ability to lock their accounts. 

Locking the users’ accounts shows the limited view of the account on the platform to people who do not stay on the friend list on this account. A locking profile shows cover photos, profile pictures, stories, posts, photos on the timeline only the people who stay on the friend list.

And it will limit the public post and all the photos to see the non-friend people on Facebook. Desktop users for Facebook cannot lock the Profile because it has not any option. So that, he has to visit the mobile homepage on the desktop and needs to go to Facebooks’ home page menu bar. Besides, the lock profile option is also limited for the android device. Below are the descriptions to lock a Facebook account in some proper steps.

Locking Facebook account using the mobile app:

  1. First, the user needs to open the Facebook app on the mobile device and press on his device. If he is logged out, he requires to log in first. He needs to enter his User ID and password to log in.
  2. Then, he needs to press the three-dot menu bar at the top of the corner near the ‘Add to Story’ option.
  3. Here, Facebook will see him a ‘Lock Profile’ option. He should press on the icon.
  4. The next page gives him a brief on working through an option to ‘Lock Your Profile’. Now, he needs to press on the option.
  5. Lastly, Facebook will see him a pop-up option that says that ‘You Locked Your Profile’. Then, he needs to press ‘OK’.

Locking Facebook account using Desktop:

If there have no other way to lock the users’ account or can’t access the app, he can use the desktop to open the Facebook browser and lock his Profile.

1. The user needs to type https://www.facebook.com/ to open the browser.

2. While opening the browser, he needs to press on his profile icon URL. For this, he needs to type ‘m.facebook.com/yourprofile.name/’; then, he can need to log in.

3. Now, he will get a mobile version of this Facebook platform on his desktop. Near to the ‘Edit Profile’ option, Facebook will show him a three-dot menu at the top of the corner. Then, he needs to click on the menu bar.

4. Then, he will see the ‘Lock Profile’ option. He should press on it.

5. The next page will show him the working process of the locked account as like the mobile app version, with an option ‘Lock Your Profile’. The user needs to press on it. Now, the process will lock his profile.

Locking Facebook account using iOS device and browser:

Facebook’s iOS application has not any search option to Lock Profile. For this, the user needs to the desktop workaround to lock his account. Another way is to use a mobile browser process.

1. First, he needs to type m.facebook.com on his android browser. Then, he should log in first to his Facebook profile.

2. Then, he needs to move to the ‘Edit Profile’ option.

3. Facebook will see his three-dot menu option. Now, he needs to press on the option.

4. Then, he has to lock his account using the same method mentioned above.

Facebook lock’s working process:

Profile Lock is one of the most useful safety features that Facebook has given its user. The feature permits the user to restrict access to other profiles for the external user. Moreover, if a user’s Profile is not a Facebook friend list of the locked user’s Profile, he will not be able to access his Profile. He cannot access and see the stories, posts, photos the user upload on his Profile. Locked Profile causes tag review and timeline review to turn on. This means that if another person wants to tag on a post, permission will be needed. Only About Info will be visible to everyone in the locked Profile except friends.


Facebook is a great social media platform. It is a widely used platform. We can always connect with our friends, relatives, and loved ones through it. As a result, everything is becoming available to the stalkers as well. We do not want any unwanted or unexpected person to stalk our Profile. Facebook authorities have released a new safety feature called Lock Profile to avoid these embarrassments. This feature is very useful to lock the Profile completely to avoid stalkers.


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