How to Lower Utility Bills: 7 Surprising Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that the average household spends about $2000 a year on energy bills? That’s a significant cost that can add up over time, and contribute to financial stress. But luckily, there are some easy fixes to make a home more efficient. 

Do you have high utility bill? Now is the perfect time to learn about reducing them. Find out how to lower utility bills with these 7 surprisingly effective energy-saving tips.

1. Turn the Lights Off

If you were wondering how to save energy, one of the first steps is the simplest one. Turn out the lights when you leave a room. You can also install timers and motion-sensitive lighting outdoors to keep lights off when they are not needed.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Lights

Speaking of lights, another way to lower your electricity bill is to invest in energy-efficient lights. If you’re not familiar with light-emitting diode light bulbs, or LEDs, they produce more light and emit less heat at a lower cost. While the up-front cost is more than your regular bulbs, it saves money in the long run. 

3. Use Cold Water for Laundry

Another hot tip for cutting household costs is a cold one. Save money by using cold water instead of warm or hot water when you are doing laundry. 

4. Air Dry Clothing

Dryers can be one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. If you do frequent loads of laundry, you might want to consider skipping the dryer. Hang your laundry on an old-fashioned clothesline outside to save money and give your wash a sweet and fresh-air smell. 

5. Set the Thermostat

Instead of cranking up the heat or air conditioning, set your thermostat a couple of degrees cooler or warmer than your usual. Even a degree or two can make a big difference in your energy usage and add up. 

6. Unplug Chargers

Many people don’t realize that your phone or laptop charger is using power even when it’s not in use. So if you can, unplug them or invest in a power board to stop excess power use. 

7. Learn How to Lower Utility Bills With Duct Sealing

Have you ever wondered, what is duct sealing? If you suspect your HVAC is leaking air in areas it is not supposed to, it can drive up your heating and cooling bills. Contact a professional to help get your ducts sealed so that your HVAC system will function more efficiently and lower your household energy bills. 

Ready to Save Money and Energy?

Now that you’ve learned how to lower utility bills with these top tips, you can try some in your own home. Even small things like changing the way you wash and dry your clothes can help. And making your HVAC system and lighting choices more efficient can go a long way in reducing your monthly costs. 

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