How to make a braided wig

1. Scissors: For cutting and trim

Hair comb and hair lotion

Steaming hot water

 to complete the extension seems smooth and weightless. This is the last course. So please don’t worry about it until you complete and cut your braided wigs.

  • Simple techniques to make your braided wigs.

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First, start by scouring and detangling the extensions. You can do this by making the perimeters and then exploring afterwards or using my fast way. 

Simple hold the department securely an inch away from the tip, then utilise a three-tooth comb to comb the hair in a face-paced way while securely carrying on to the wig. This will give the same finish as the regular stretching you see your hairstylists do. Next, crush your desires and place them aside.

  • Wig creating the crochet plait way.

Cut your chosen attachment size and start braiding on a series or rope, so you can have the loop to use and pass throughout your crochet pin. 

This method is straightforward and advice-able for those who are not pro braiders. Braid on a rope, cut and then crochet into your wig. To crochet, move your pin via the wig cap, fix the braided hair loop, close the latch and then pull. Don’t fail to give the tail end of the braid via the loop to ensure the hair is connected correctly.

  • Wig creating the stand The only way to weave braids arrived with a cost a few years back—the cost of sitting down for several extended hours and the awful pain that reaches with braiding. 

And when I say awful, I mean horrible in every sense of the word horrible. I suggest neck bending, head aching kind of terrible.

So you can guess what a relief it was to braid lovers like me when braided wigs evolved into something but having one arrives with a hefty price tag. 

Buying Braided wigs can be costly, so I decided to write this post on how to make braided wigs. So my gorgeous readers can save their money and still slay.

How to create braided wigs is pretty uncomplicated and easy if you already understand 

if you are looking for new closure, your HD swiss lace closure is best for you, and it is suitable for every skin tone. 

Materials required to understand how to make braided wigs.

  1. Hair wings/extensions: To make braided wigs, you must use hair wings. Well, there will be not any “braids” without them. There are several hair extensions worldwide, but the hair attachments are famous. 
  2. Wig cap: There are different types of wig caps. We have the standard wig caps, dome caps, net caps and elastic strap ones. I advise you to use the flexible weaving wig cap because it’s more sturdy, and fittings can be changed. Yet, dome caps are stylish and can be used as well. 
  3. Hand and line or latch hook: You can either use an arrow and thread to make your braided wigs or a latch clip popularly known as a crochet pin. Nevertheless, we will be using the latch pin method for this post. This method is perfect with a weaving flexible wig cap, as it has fixes that you can share the crochet pin around.
  4. A round container: Ahead is required when constructing braided wigs. It helps provide its shape, but if you do not have one, don’t fret. You can achieve so with a round figure basket or box. 

Using a rounded container to hold the wig cap

  1. Lace closure: This is optional, but it makes a dissimilarity when used. Gives your wigs a more pleasing finish. Already made Closures are costly. 
  • rd way.

Cut out your preferred extension size, and then pass the crochet pin through the wig cap. Place your passion on the nail and seal the latch hook. Pull through the wig cap, tie to reserve, and then braid. Replicate the following steps until the wig is concluded.

There’s not much distinction between the first and the double method. The only difference is that one is intertwined outside the wig and then attached, while the other is connected and then braided on the wig.

We recommend you to use the crochet style if this is your first time or you are a newbie Knowing how to make braided wigs.

  • Finishing glimmers

After completing your braided wig, the next time is to trim off the extras. Again, use a pair of scissors to trim or if you are looking for a faster alternative, make use of a more delicate candle but be detailed less you burn your braided wig.

After trimming, deep hair in steaming hot water and leave to dry, cut off the excesses at the end and spray your braids with. Leave in the conditioner and fix the spray.

Voila, your braided wig is prepared for you to rock and roll as considerably as you want…


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