How to Make a Rakhi at home?

Handmade Rakhis have their charm. This charm is just and simply unbeatable. If you are planning to send Rakhi gifts to Indiathen make sure to send a handmade Rakhi as well. The easiest to win the heart of your beloved brother is successfully done if you show genuine efforts in this festivity. So, here you can check out how to make a handmade Rakhi at home:

Guide to make a handmade Rakhi 

  1. The first step is to cut a circular shape of the piece of paper that you have chosen. You can cut this paper in any desired design that you want to! It is best if you take colorful foam sheets and cut them down creatively.
  2. Now, the next step is to glue these pieces on top of each other. Make sure to use bright and fresh colorful stickers so that your design may come out more appealing.
  3. It is on the top section of a colored ribbon that you should glue your foam design. This is all, your handmade Rakhi is ready now.

Method to make Car Rakhi or Aeroplane styled Rakhi at home

  1. This is an exciting Rakhi design that you can simply try out at home. You can either give your Rakhi car shapes look or Aeroplane design. These handmade Rakhis need minimal work. That is why sisters love to prefer this kind of idea and concept.
  2. To make this Rakhi, you need foam felt airplane stickers or you can have car stickers. Furthermore, you need red satin ribbons and a glue stick. Get cardboard as well as come colorful markers.
  3. The first step to cut the stickers all in circles! The next step is to start cutting down the cardboard. Make sure to cut the cardboard pieces in a similar and exact size. Once you cut them down, paste those cardboard pieces on the stickers.
  4. Next, you need to highlight the outlines and perform this step with the help of colorful markers. The last and final step is to paste cardboard sticker pieces right on the center part of the wrist size satin ribbon.

Guide to make DIY sticker Rakhi at home

  1. If you are interested in making DIY sticker Rakhi at home, then there is a simple process that you have to follow. Those of you who have a toddler brother and you want to give him Rakhi, then such design will look utmost cute on your toddler brother.
  2. So, to make this Rakhi at home, you need different types of foam stickers. Like, you can either have stickers containing elephants, birds, and Chota Bheem. It is from any shop that you can get these foam stickers. You can even order them online.
  3. Next, you need a satin ribbon, and make sure it should be of matching color. The next thing that you need to make a sticker Rakhi at home is a small piece of felt.
  4. Just pick your favorite foam stickers and cut out a round piece of the felt in the exact foam sticker size. After that, you can stick them back to the satin ribbon.
  5. In addition, make sure to paste the sticker right on top of the satin ribbon. Hence, your DIY sticker Rakhi is all ready!

We are sure that you will like these guides that are on how to make handmade Rakhi. While you plan to go for Rakhi delivery in Indiayou need to keep this handmade Rakhi in that gift box as well. Keep tuned with us so that more of the handmade Rakhi ideas can be shared with you.


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