How to make a small bathroom cozy: 7 simple tips that everyone can use

Small bathroom – the area is not accessible. Sometimes, the owners of tiny bathrooms try to put all their efforts into making the room’s interior practical and completely forget about comfort. Meanwhile, a beautiful bathroom with the best bathroom vanity contributes to better relaxation and just pleases the eye. But how to make the interior of a tiny bathroom not only practical but also cozy? In our roundup of 7 tips to add personality to your bathroom.

The right finish

Renovation of any room begins with finishing, and the bathroom is no exception. It is essential here to choose the right texture and color of the tiles. It would help if you did not give preference to dark colors; they will make the room even narrower and create the impression of a hotel or restaurant bathroom. And this will not add comfort. It is best to choose light shades, but without glitter or small flowers. This is corny. It’s a great idea to choose a tile with a vertical pattern, and it will visually stretch the room. And it can also be used for zoning: with a general neutral background, you can highlight a washbasin, a toilet with a strip of brighter tiles.

Free floor

We visually perceive a room with a lot of free space as more spacious. To use this technique in the bathroom, you can prefer hinged models of toilet bowls and washbasins. Thus, the impression of lightness and weightlessness will be created. A pedestal bathtub will look more sophisticated than a tiled bathtub.

Smooth corners

To make the interior of the bathroom smoother, you can use plumbing with smoothed corners. This is beautiful and safer because, in a tiny room, it is straightforward to run into the sharp corner of the sink and leave a bruise after that.

Built-in appliances

To make the bathroom’s interior more comfortable, you do not need to litter it with all sorts of unnecessary trinkets, a considerable number of jars, bottles, and other trifles. To avoid this, you need to install built-in furniture in the bathroom you can buy online bathroom vanity. Firstly, every centimeter of the room will be used to the maximum, and, secondly, all small bath accessories can be hidden in the lockers.


Everyone knows about this technique, but it will not be superfluous to repeat: mirrors increase the space in tiny rooms. But not every mirror is suitable for a small bathroom. So, it is best to choose an oval shape. It is ideal for those whose height is over 60 inches and to add coziness to the bathroom.


The proper lighting can transform any room. For a small bathroom, the uniform spotlight is ideal. You can also (and should!) Illuminate the mirrors. And, if there is an opportunity to install small sconces, then this is just wonderful! This will make the interior look much nobler. There will not belittle light in the bathroom anyway, but it should be comfortable and not hurt your eyes.

Bathroom decor

Very often, referring to the lack of space, the bathroom is deprived of decor. And in vain! A couple of paintings or photographs will bring the atmosphere to life. Candles can be placed on empty shelves, and soap accessories should be placed in decorative baskets. You can also choose a pleasant scent that will help you wake up quickly in the morning and help you relax in the evening.


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