How to make a travel QR code and seamlessly have a hassle-free travel experience with it?

Now that the borders between countries and regions are slowly reopening their doors for travelers who want to do business or take a few days off from work and relax with their destination vacations, the requirements for travel increase with the COVID-19 pandemic prevailing in some parts of the world.

And the requirements increase from one travel destination to another. Many people are looking for a more straightforward way to carry all the needed paperwork and never worry about losing them along their journey.

As some search for a better way to secure their files, destination countries and states are now offering a new way for people to check in with them through the use of a 26-year old technology called QR codes.

With states like Hawaii implementing a travel QR code for people planning to visit them during the border ease season, many travelers are now conforming to their use in storing other essential travel documents and lightening their baggage weight with it.

By integrating an advanced QR code generator online, travelers can now transform their physical documents into a scannable QR code and save them on their smartphones.

What is a travel QR code?

A travel QR code, also known as a COVID-19 passport QR code, is a two-dimensional type of barcode that stores a traveler’s important information required by the receiving destination point to use as a travel pass for people who are entering any establishment or attraction sites located within the territory of use.

Each destination area has its travel QR code system, which varies among the QR code providers they integrate. With the exemption of using a travel QR code for people entering the tourist spots, they enforce a vaccination QR code for those vaccinated within the given acceptance location.

Other travel uses of QR codes

1. Scannable Boarding Pass

The use of QR codes in the delivery of airline boarding passes will not only allow passengers to travel smoothly through the airport. Still, it will also take them directly to the airline’s onboard sales port to quickly check their flight status.

Compared to the traditional long queuing line, QR codes used in mobile check-in counters streamline the check-in protocol.

2. Scan-to-read travel guides

With QR codes, visiting a foreign country can be more enjoyable. Tourists can use their smartphones to access travel-related knowledge quickly. As an input factor, the digital tool serves as a portal for tourists to know and understand more about places and the history of tourist destinations.

You can accomplish this by utilizing File QR code solutions, such as converting digital guides into a PDF QR code for easy distribution and reading access.

3. Contactless Contract Tracing Tool

Most countries use QR codes to track people that are vaccinated and to track their contacts. It enables contact tracers to track better people who have come into contact with people who have screened positive for COVID-19 or are fully vaccinated against the disease.

End-users can safely sign up whenever they take a trip to a destination by scanning the QR code for contact tracing purposes. As a result, this technological tool has become an essential part of securing the safety and well-being of travelers.

4. Contactless Tool in Hotels Operating Means

Hotels are also utilizing QR codes as the safety of their guests becomes a primary concern.

A few hotels and resorts also use QR codes to direct visitors to their websites, where they can book directly or learn about nearby must-see attractions and activities.

Furthermore, hotels’ food and beverage outlets use digital menus that customers can access by scanning a QR code or including them in their social media marketing by encouraging people to scan the QR code for promos that they can take advantage of.


With the ease of travel restrictions today, many destination sites are now prepping their tour means to attract more people to book a stay with them.

And as a way to still provide the best post-pandemic travel experience for their guests, many hotels, resorts, and airports are now modernizing their tourist acceptance means using technology like QR codes.

Since many regional borders are now opening, a few hoteliers and resort managers are currently revamping their hotel and resorts operations using a QR code generator with logo online. Through this, they can seamlessly minimize the chance for guests to risk their health safety by implementing a scan-and-relax system in their establishments.


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