How To Make Father’s Day Memorable For Your Dad?

Father’s Day is celebrated every year to honour the presence and influence of fatherhood. The day is dearly special for kids because they get an opportunity to pamper their dads and show them how much they are loved and respected. This one day, we kids experience an outpour of emotion, and we truly feel like conveying to him that on regular days, we don’t. With your talks and gestures make the day memorable for your father. To help you out in the pursuit, we have listed a few ideas.

1.His Wish, Your Command: Your dad has always worked for your desires. He has always made sure your dreams and wishes come true. On this particular day, pamper the one who has pampered you all through his life. Ask him all his wishes and desires and make them come true. Hand out to him a piece of paper titled “Your wishes, My Command.” Ask him to write down and then fulfil all one-by-one all through the day. Do it in your best capacity.

  1. Bake His World Happy: He loves sweet treats. But your mother keeps him away because of health issues. Father’s Day is one such moment when he should be allowed to have a cheat day. Bake his world happy by baking or ordering cakes. You can order cake online in Jaipur or whisk up something for him. You can be still healthy in your choices by ordering a fruit or nut cake. If baking at home, substitute sugar with jaggery.
  2. Make One Moment Beautiful: If your dad is minimalistic, he would love an intimate affair. Keep it short and simple. You can choose the best time of the day, for instance, morning, afternoon, evening or night. If he is a morning person, go for daylight; otherwise, night. Make that moment beautiful for him. Organize an activity or surprise. For example, if the first thing in the morning he does is to visit the balcony and water plants, then have a new potted plant with a tag Happy Father’s Day. A smile will be there on his face. He likes to sit on the balcony and relax at night, have Father’s Day helium and a latex balloon bouquet on the balcony. Likewise, plan heart-touching surprises. Simple yet beautiful.
  3. Make Him Nostalgic: Fathers are like coconut. They are the experts of hiding the soft side in a shell. They rarely exhibit their emotions explicitly. Having said that, father’s too feel emotions. They feel it as powerfully as your mother. Make your father feel all the emotions in 60 seconds. Make his heart flutter in joy, and eyes manifest in the form of happy tears. Make a montage video dedicated to him with pictures and texts. In the end, you can shoot yourself saying a few lines along with your sibling and your mother speaking how great a father he is. We can only imagine the immense overflow of emotions, all happy and lovely.
  4. The Hugging and Kissing: Remember, you made your mom’s Mother’s Day jovial with your morning hugs and kisses. It was a moment to cherish for her. Do the same with your dad. Wake up in the morning, hug him tightly and wish him “Happy Father’s Day.” The unexpected hug will amaze him a bit, but then your warmth and purity will feel his heart with pride and exuberance.
  5. Gifts: Lastly, You can make Father’s Day extremely special with your gift choices. Pick for him thoughtful and meaningful gifts like Fathers day cake that would become an extension of your feelings. Warmly extend the gift to him, and he will appreciate it all.

This Father’s Day, make the event a day to remember forever for him. These ideas will surely help you out.


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