How to manage the search for the best software for recruitment agencies in 2022

When it comes to recruitment software UK, it is only practical for staffing agencies to want the best recruitment agency software.

But the search for this kind of recruitment platform requires a deep understanding of the agency’s problems and the barriers that recruiters face daily. It must be backed by meticulous research so that only the most suitable of all recruitment database software is finally selected.

There is a big transformation when recruiters finally find a good CRM software to use. The advantages are many and they impact everything from how recruiters work, and the candidate experience to the market reputation of the agency and the profits the business brings in.

Some of the benefits include –

  • Better efficiency and productivity levels
  • Easy, comprehensive compliance checks
  • Automated software features to help save time

These can seem like basic add-ons but with many recruitment agencies and their recruiters still relying on manual effort for many of their hiring processes getting a recruitment CRM platform that suits them is very transformative. Even those agencies who do utilise modern recruitment management software systems will often not be getting the best out of their CRM software solutions. It is critical to make the right choice so that recruiters can work efficiently, putting in the minimal effort for maximum results.

The best software for recruitment agencies UK in 2022 will enable users to ditch outdated recruiting methods. Automation is a big factor in AI-enabled recruitment software. Time-saving and effective hiring systems replace tedious, repetitive processes.

Everything from talent sourcing to vetting applicants and checking candidate proficiency via integration with online skills testing software and social media platforms will get easier with the right CRM system. Comprehensive checks are mandatory in every recruitment – in perm, temp or executive search. But following and checking that candidates meet the legal requirements of GDPR and IR35 while having the correct right-to-work documents are complicated tasks. Recruiters receive tremendous assistance from a recruitment agency software solution that can help them make compliance checks easy.

Beginning the search for the best recruitment software for agencies in 2022

Now that it is evident what benefits are available when staffing firms leverage good recruitment CRM systems, it is time to map out the search.

  • Pinpoint recurring recruiting issues
  • Outline CRM features that are necessary
  • Check for software functionality
  • Read market reviews
  • Don’t forget about the supplier’s customer service

These are the important elements to make note of before embarking on the hunt for the most suitable CRM system. If agencies think the search is over by picking any of the leading recruitment database software solutions then they are very unprepared.

Just as there are different types of recruitment firms, there are various kinds of recruitment agency software systems. It is vital to take the time and make the effort to check each one thoroughly. The final one that is chosen must enable recruiters to simplify their recruiting processes. Modern recruitment requires many tools hence the best recruiting software for the agency will allow recruiters to utilise and leverage all these tools together seamlessly.

Market research involves everything from checking the top suppliers, reading the product sites, booking free demos, asking for customer testimonials, etc. Product demos hosted by experienced salespeople provide recruiters with the opportunity to get all their answers and doubts cleared.

Suppliers will be happy to pass on their clients’ testimonials but don’t forget to look up what the market is truly saying via objective review sites like Trustpilot.

Customer care is another integral factor in the search for a good service. It is not uncommon for recruiters to overlook the importance of client support. But with recruiters needing and using their recruitment software daily, it is critical to have continuous good support from the CRM system. If there is a glitch in the platform, it has an immediate impact on the business, and no one wants that. Hence, having a responsive and skilled support staff at the other end of the phone call is vital for recruiters.


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