How to Minimize Hearing Loss in 5 Easy Ways






It’s no surprise that the world has turned into a noisier place. Earsplitting music, noisy restaurants, thunderous concerts, and even loud conference meetings surround our ears every now and then. The continuity of all this can wreak havoc on a person’s hearing ability because it directly affects how hair cells work. It may lead to permanent or temporary hearing loss. 

Wondering if you can minimize the chances of hearing loss? The good news is that all it requires is some easy-to-implement lifestyle changes. Besides getting specialized hearing aids at Infinity Hearing Kittery, you can retain your hearing ability by following these simple tips.

1. Evaluate Your Hearing 

Even if a certain level of hearing loss has occurred already, the neurons and cells in the ears might be repaired. However, this requires consulting an audiologist first so that they can conduct a detailed examination and suggest a possible treatment accordingly. 

You can also take advantage of the digital technology and consider getting Signia hearing aids for auditory support. However, it will depend on your doctor’s advice based on the level of hearing loss that has already occurred.

2. Know How Much Sound Is Too Much

Hearing sounds over eighty-five decibels leads to hearing loss. That’s similar to using a lawnmower! You should know exactly when it’s time to move away from a harsh sound. Here are some signs that your ears are getting exposed to too much noise:

  • When you’re attending an event where you need to come closer to the person who is talking to you to listen to them clearly
  • When the sound is so loud that you need to speak up loudly in the same environment so you can be heard by the other person who is standing three feet away
  • Your ears begin to ring after continuously getting exposed to loud sounds
  • You feel sudden pain in your ears after hearing the loud sound
  • Your hearing seem dull or muffled as soon as you leave a noisy environment 

3. Be Responsible and Just Lower the Volume

It’s not just the fireworks and gunfire. Various sources of noise can contribute to hearing loss. Dentists’ drills, lawn mowers, airplane engines, TV, and even your headphones are the culprit. Though these sources produce less explosive noise, you should know that even these noises are slowly damaging your hearing ability. 

The worst thing is that such hearing loss can be irreversible. Start today and lower the sound of the sources you have control over. For instance, you can keep the volume comparatively low while watching your favorite show, reduce the incoming sound of your mobile device while you’re on a phone call, and even lower your headphone’s sound. Adjusting yourself to this habit might take some time but gradually, you’ll be able to safeguard your ears from harmful sounds.    

4. Exercise

Did you know that exercise is as important for your ears as it is for your fitness levels? The increased blood flow to cochlea (the inner part of the ear) contributes to improved hearing. You don’t have to make it complicated, though. Indulging in a brisk walk, jogging, jumping, and even swimming can help the blood circulate through your inner ears. 

The Takeaway

Living with hearing loss can be mentally draining. It can also cause anxiety leading to social withdrawal especially when you need to work hard to listen to the other person. That’s why it’s important to make the listening experience as smooth as possible. Better hearing is the key. Instead of feeling frustrated, following the above-mentioned tips will help you hear well and be at your best. But that requires consistency, though. You’re good to go if you choose to be consistent. 

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