How to organize a show or a concert?

Regardless of its social purpose, an association under the 1901 law has the full possibility of organizing a show or a concert and this, whether it is to promote an artist or a group, to finance the associative organization, or to carry out a charitable action. However, you should know that this implies the accomplishment of a certain number of essential steps. The structure must therefore ensure to respect the rules of safety and reception of the public. But also obtain the necessary authorizations and take out insurance. Communication and ticketing are also elements that should not be overlooked when preparing. Voodoo entertainment, to guarantee the success of this associative event, good management of members, artists, and service providers (if applicable) is essential the details straight away.

Organizing a show or a concert: the prerequisites

It goes without saying that organizing a show or a concert is not an easy task. Indeed, the organizing association must go through several essential stages .Voodoo Entertainment Finland is an entertainment organizer company which provide us best service, I invite you to visit the site by clicking on the highlighted link and get your desire things.

Define the target audience

Indeed, it is necessary above all to define the public that you want to target by your show or concert. Does your event target a young or old audience or the general public? Moreover, the authorizations, the methods of organization, the supervision of the event, the choice of artists differ according to whether it is a minor or major audience. You should also think about how many people this art event could accommodate and your outlook for attending.

Determine where to organize a show or concert

Once the target audience has been defined, it is then important to find the setting where the artistic event will take place. Many possibilities of Voodoo Entertainment are also available to you: multipurpose hall, concert hall, public space, street, etc. Therefore, you must make sure to choose a location suitable for the nature of the event. In fact, outdoor space may be more suitable than a hall and vice versa. In the same vein, it is necessary to opt for space according to its objective of frequentation and the size of the event. In all cases, it is essential to verify that the place where the show or concert will be held complies with the standards in force in particular in terms of accessibility, safety, and reception of the public.

Use volunteer or paid artists?

Next step:the choice of artists or groups who will participate in the event. The associative structure which organizes a show or a concert thus has two options, either it uses volunteer artists, or it seeks the services of paid artists:

On the one hand, if it involves volunteer artists, then we are talking about an amateur show. In this case, it must obey the provisions of the law of July 7, 2016, on the freedom of creation, architecture, and heritage which regulates this type of artistic event.On the other hand, it can perfectly well have recourse to paid artists, and that, whether on a regular or occasional basis. In any case, she must enter into a formal employment contract with them and take the necessary steps to hire them.

Set the organizational budget for the associative event

Obviously, the association must not forget to define the budget for the organization of its show or concert. From the acquisition or rental of audiovisual equipment to the reservation of the performance hall, possibly including the recruitment of intermittent, the remuneration of artists, and the payment of duties and taxes, nothing should be left out, not even the little ones details. It is also strongly recommended to allow a margin for the unforeseen.

Regarding the financing of the preparations for its artistic event, the associative body can of course count on its general budget. However, nothing prevents him from resorting to other alternatives to finance his show or concert.

Other authorizations to request

Where applicable, other authorizations are required for the organization of an artistic event. Here are a few examples:

  • Setting up a refreshment bar or bar: request for a liquor license at least 15 days before the show or concert
  • The installation of a marquee: declaration by mail indicating the place and date of the event, the capacity, and the technical characteristics of the marquee
  • The distribution of music and the public use of works from the repertoire of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers request for authorization at least 15 days before the event and payment.

I hope this article will help to choose best entertainment service provider.


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