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Embroidery floss is one of my favorite collection crafty colors. When you are a fan of embroidery in your leisure time or work as a professional embroider, you have an idea that organizing embroidery floss is important. One of the ways to branch out into workwear is to start with embroidered work shirts.

Embroidery floss can easily get tangled, and you might have to spend hours untangling them. It cost you energy and time. Whether you are doing stitches by hand or using best embroidery machine floss is important. Likewise, arranging them and keeping them organized is a crucial part of the embroidery.

In this article, you will get to know how to organize embroidery floss and start your stitching journey with convenience.

Tips to get started:

Organizing floss needs time – but it saves lots of energy later when you are looking forward to starting stitching right away. It also saves lots of fuss and stress of tangled threads. Before getting started to organize threads, here are a few things you should consider. It will help in the organizing process. The things are:

  • How many floss skeins do you have
  • What is your budget which you are spending on organizing tools or equipment?
  • How much room do you have to keep those threads?
  • Do you stitch on the same spot always or work in different places?
  • Do you need to sort the colors through some specific numbers, or you choose them by eyes?
  • How many projects do you work on at one time?

Whenever you consider all these things organizing the floss becomes more convenient. For instance, as a professional embroider, you might be working on different projects. Different projects might need several shades of the same colors. So, it is better to arrange the floss according to the numbers than to rely totally on your memory.

So let’s get started:

  1. Store in cabinets or drawers:

Storing in drawers and cabinets is easy – especially when you have lots of space to keep those cabinets. It would help if you bought drawers that are at least six and a half inches longs to store the floss easily. Drawers with transparent boxes will make locating the colors quickly.

  1. Bobbin boxes:

You can also place the embroidery floss into the bobbin boxes. You can buy a plastic bobbin box and write the numbers on them.

  1. Clothespins:

You can use the simplest way to organize floss, i.e., wooden clothespins. You can wind the floss on these cheap and simple clothespins. Then store them in any box cabinet or drawers.

  1. Stick Spools for crafts:

If you are trying winding the floss and store – then try this one. Take the threads and wind them on craft stick spools. Then store them in drawers, cabinets, or boxes as a convenience.

  1. Save like key rings:

You can take thread drops – these are stiff cardstock pieces with large holes to hold the floss. You can store the embroidery threads like key rings. Moreover, you can write the thread shade number on the tags. It is an excellent way to organize small stock of embroidery floss.

  1. File folder Method:

The hanging file folder method is different from all other formats to organize embroidery floss. You can hang your threads from wooden bars or acrylic organizer bars. The bars should fit into the filing cabinet so you can arrange them properly. The only drawback of the folder method is that it is not portable. So, if you like to work in different places, it is not for you.


It is easy to learn how to organize your embroidery floss. All it takes little of your time and saves lots of energy in the future. You can work on your projects conveniently and efficiently.

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