How To Protect Your Leather Car Seats from Dogs? 


It takes a lot of effort to find the best seat covers for your trucks, cars, or SUVs. Obviously, you don’t want your dogs to ruin your car’s seat covers in minutes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy rides with your faithful partners. The best way to deal with this is to make your car seat covers dog-proof. This article will provide you some useful tips to protect your seat covers from dog scratches, stinks, or foul odors. 

Tips for dog-proof seat covers:

As you have spent a fortune and considerable time on finding custom seat covers for your vehicles, you also need to ensure that they stay longer on your car’s seat. An untrained dog can ruin these costly seat covers in seconds. Add an extra layer of protection on your car’s seat covers so that you can enjoy the ride with your dog without any fear. Following are some highly efficient and proven tips to protect your Ford’s seat covers:

Use premium grade leather seat covers:


Got a dog? Buy leather seat covers for your car. These seat covers are very famous in terms of resilience, durability, and toughness. You can protect your car’s seat from dog scratches with the help of leather seat covers. It is not sufficient to buy low-quality or front-mounted leather seat covers. Go for premium quality leather seat covers that can wrap the entire seat, front, and back. Don’t worry about the cost because these are still very cheap as compared to your car’s seats. Moreover, leather seat covers are much easier to clean, and you can also find stain-resistant ones in the market.

Invest in dog seat belts:

You are fortunate enough to find the best truck seat covers. Now it is time to protect them from your doggy. Buy your friend a nice seat belt so that you don’t need to ask him to stay calm every time. Dog seat belts can be purchase very easily from the local markets, and you don’t need to go hard on your wallet to purchase a costly one. Just go for a belt that can serve the purpose efficiently and prepare for a long drive with your dog. These belts come with a strap that has two ends.

Try leather protectant:

Leather protectants have various purposes, and one of them is to protect your costly leather seats from your dog. Buy a premium quality leather protectant because it is going to last for a longer duration. Leather seat covers contain tiny pores to make them breathable. Leather protectants can add an extra layer of protection to prevent the entry of mud and water in these pores from your dog’s feet. All the mess stays on the top surface of your leather seat covers, and you can clean it with just a single swipe from your regular dusting cloth.

Buy a dog anti-chew:

Mud or water are not the only things that you can expect from your dog. He can also lick or bite your seats. It is especially important in the case of leather seats. One side effect of having leather car seat covers is the increased changes of dog bites on these seat covers. Dogs lick leather seat covers because of:

  • Your smell
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs
  • Some gastrointestinal issues
  • Perception of leather seats as a beef chew toy


Anti-chew dog spray is harmless to the health of dogs because it is mostly made of organic items like lemon or grapefruit skins. In this way, you can easily protect your seat covers from dog licks and bites.

Train your doggy:


The best way to protect your car seat covers from your dog is to train him pretty well. Do some exercise with your dog to get him familiar with the car’s environment. In that way, your dog will stay calmer during the rides. You should also take time for regular physical exercise of your dog because it is proven that physically active dogs are more obedient. 


It is obvious that you don’t want dog bites on your brand new Ford seat covers. It is really time-consuming and financially heavy to get the best truck seat covers. The best way to protect your car’s seat is to buy premium-grade leather seat covers. You should also need to buy dog anti-chew and leather protection spray to ensure the longevity of your seat covers. 

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