How to Record the Best Elden Ring Video?






What kind of screen recorder is best for Elden Ring?

Elden Ring released on February 25, 2022. It is an open-world game. Once released, it has sold well in many countries and has become very popular at home and abroad. After the game was released, the number of online players on Steam alone reached 86. more than 10,000 people. The craze of Elden Ring has spread to the world of live broadcast and screen recording, so how to better screen recording?

This article introduces some screen recording methods and ways to optimize game performance. I hope you can find the answer you want

How to Record Elden Ring with No Lag, 4K, High FPS? [Elden Ring Best Recordation]

Most of the current game consoles have built-in screen recorders. Players can record the screen directly without downloading other software. However, the effect of such screen recorders is generally not very good. Serious freeze, low picture quality, unable to synchronize, etc. Then, at this time, we need to use screen recording software. iTop Screen Recorder has a special game recording function, which can help players record videos better. Its functions are very comprehensive, including no watermark recording, unlimited, optional recording area, simultaneous camera and screen recording, 60FPS high-resolution high-definition, and simple video editing functions, etc.

Best Settings for Elden Ring – Smooth Gameplay! [Escalate Your FPS]

  • Here are the settings for Elden Ring to increase FPS

Pay attention to reducing the CPU usage of Elden Ring, you can make the FPS increase, and you can feel the obvious change. After these settings and adjustments, before video recording, the effect will be better

Common causes of stuttering in Elden Ring

Although Elden Ring has fixed the bug, updated the patch

  • Does not meet minimum system requirements

If your system does not meet the minimum system requirements for the game, please check if your system is able to run the game in the correct way, then Elden Rings FPS drops and stuttering issues may occur.

  • Downloaded games without updated patches

If you haven’t downloaded the latest game patch update, you’re likely to experience stuttering and frame drops. Elden Ring is very popular, and the people involved can’t take into account the optimization of all modes. Here are the steps to download the latest game patch update

  1. Launch Steam on your PC
  2. Click on Control Panel and find Elden Ring
  3. Open Elden Ring, select the management option, and find “Properties”
  4. Switch to Update option and select Update option


The popularity of the Elden Ring is phenomenal. Download iTop Screen Recorder if you want to capture the best moments of Elden Ring and keep the good memories. iTop will bring you a perfect operating experience, no frame drops, high-definition picture quality, and video editing!

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