How to Save on Construction Costs When Building a House

The past six months have been unprecedented, with the rising cost of living due to supply shortages and economic challenges. Building materials have also been hit by the global effect of sanctions, driving up the cost of raw imports. Knowing how to build a house while keeping costs low is more important than ever.

Grab Local & Sustainable Building Materials

Sourcing local products are often the more expensive alternative, but there are exceptions to the rule. LVL Timber using veneer sheet manufacturing is an excellent, local option for builders in construction.

The veneer sheets from which LVL is produced retain strength comparable to steel. Veneer sheets are made with a rotary peel allowing manufacturers to create more timber beams per singular log. LVL production remains efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable as a result.

LVL planks are also ideal for scaffolding. Timber planks are an affordable alternative to steel counterparts. At the same time, timber planks are durable and can hold significant weight, much like steel.

Reuse Scraps When Possible

There is a continuous theme with this tip and the last. An emphasis on sustainable and recycling products. You can do plenty to give scraps and offcuts a second life.

A good example is formply whose primary purpose is to hold concrete until it sets.

Using veneer sheets in their production, their film surface and tight seal allow multiple uses when concreting. The film surface prevents concrete from sticking to sheets and gives them a nice aesthetic.

If they are intact after completing the formwork (and they often are), you can use formply sheets’ strength and aesthetic to give them a practical function in your finished home. This can range from bookshelves to desks or benchtops.

Plan Your Involvement in The Build

The most important step for saving on construction costs and building materials is to plan and delegate your level of involvement.

Not everything will require outside hands to accomplish. Specific jobs and be done by either yourself or with friends and family.


Painting rooms is a great start. A low-risk activity with room for error not present in other facets of construction. There are various videos across the web  to reference if you are not fully confident about painting.


Cultivating a garden of your own can be an incredibly satisfying pastime. It can be establishing the garden bed or selecting and placing plants across the yard. It can be gratifying if you are willing to invest the time.

DIY Furniture Creation

To elaborate on reusing scraps, building furniture yourself is a creative exercise and potentially cheaper depending on your materials.

We’ve already discussed formply applications inside the house, but what else can be done? A bedside or coffee table is an easy start with the right timber offcuts. The most labour-intensive aspect of such a small project would be sanding.

The possibilities for simple, strong and practical DIY furniture are endless. The internet is also swarming with hundreds of resources for DIY, including Woodworking Projects found on Youtube. They offer an in-depth walkthrough on recycling wood products for furniture.

Look to Your Social Circle for Help

When in requirement of manpower, nothing trumps those you know. Often these builds are social activities and a chance to help a friend in need.

Sustainable and recycled materials, reducing reliance on outsourcing to trades and creating your own furniture are some methods to save when building a house.


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