How to score above 85% in CBSE class 10 Science exam

Class 10th Science is one of the important and main subjects in CBSE class 10. It is also considered to be the highest-scoring subject. Few students find it easier and some find it hard. To perform well in the science exam, students must have strong conceptual clarity on the topics. 

We provide you with some smart and effective strategies for students to score above 85% in the CBSE Class 10 Science exam.

  • Refer to the syllabus: Go through the entire science syllabus and marking scheme once again. Knowing the syllabus will give you clarity on what to study and what not to. It will also help you to know which topics need extra time and effort. You can segregate the topics based on the weightage. This will help you to create a timetable that covers the entire syllabus. 
  • Make a study schedule: You must create a timetable in order to track your preparation every day. Make a list of topics to complete daily. Give importance to the topics having high weightage and then finish the leftover topics at the end. Allot time for revision and practice. 
  • Reference Books:  Refer and study the NCERT Science book thoroughly. NCERT Science book is a must as it covers the entire syllabus and the questions for the exam are derived from this book only. Be well prepared with all the concepts. You should have strong conceptual clarity of all the topics. After studying each chapter, solve the exercise questions and practice examples. If you are stuck with any questions, NCERT solutions will aid you. NCERT solutions provide solutions for all questions given in the NCERT. You can cross-check your answers as well as know better methods to solve a problem. NCERT solutions will also help you to understand how to present an answer. Only after thoroughly understanding the NCERT, you can refer to other standard materials for better clarity and for preparing more comprehensive answers.

. Section-wise strategy

There are three sections in the CBSE class 10 science paper: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Here, we provide you with the strategies for each section. 

  • Physics

  • Focus on conceptual, formula-based, and numerical problems as they are mostly asked in the exam. Be thorough with all the theorems and memorize the important formulas.  
  • Some of the important numerical problems from the exam point of view are asked from these topics.
    • Newton’s laws of motion and its applications 
    • Series and parallel combination of resistances. 
    • Lens and mirror 
  • Practice diagrams repeatedly to get better clarity on the fundamental concepts. It can fetch you more marks. Practice diagrams based on lines of the magnetic field around a solenoid and a bar magnet,  AC and DC generator, electric circuit diagram, glass prism, the human eye, image formation by lenses and mirrors, image formation for both defected and correct vision. Understand the rules and sign conventions for drawing ray diagrams.
  • Chemistry

  • It is the most scoring section and requires less time for preparation. Thoroughly practice balancing chemical equations.  
  • Memorize the applications of acids, bases, and different types of salts and its compounds in everyday life as 2-3 questions are asked from it every year. You can expect a question on any one salt preparation along with the chemical formula etc. You must remember the common names, preparation, chemical formula, and uses of salts and their compounds. Making notes will definitely help you to remember for a longer time. 
  • Chemical names and equations must be memorized well.
  • Concentrate on carbon compounds and their nomenclature containing functional groups.
  • Make proper notes in your own words for all the reactions involving the conversion compounds. 
  • Study and understand the Periodic Classification chapter thoroughly. Memorize the elements from the 1st and last two groups of the Periodic table. Understand clearly the modern periodic table with electronic configuration. 
  • pH-related questions might be optional based.
  • There are chances of questions to be asked on alloys and corrosion 
  • Biology

  • There are so many complex diagrams in biology. So, it is a must to practice diagrams regularly and neatly on the representation of reflex action, respiratory system, the human brain, human heart, different parts of a flower, asexual reproduction, female and male reproductive organs, etc. You can score more marks when you draw diagrams along with the answers.
  • Thoroughly prepare Mendel’s heredity crosses with stress on the laws of Mendel.
  • There are a lot of complex terminologies in biology which you can memorize by making notes and revising them regularly. 
  • Clearly understand the traits inheritance and the functions performed by the reproductive organs in humans as well as the reproduction process in plants.
  • Understand and remember thoroughly the concepts on ‘Food Chain and its significance’, ‘Evolution of Cabbage’, ‘10% Law ’, ‘ Water Harvesting Technique and Different stakeholders’.
  • Pay more attention to ‘Life Processes’ as you can expect long answer questions especially on any human system.
  1. Solve previous years’ question papers: Practice Previous Year Question Paper of CBSE Class 10 Science as well as sample papers for you to get aware of the types of questions asked from numerical and theoretical. Solving these papers will make you understand where you are not performing well. Spend more time improving those weak areas. Note down the questions you are not able to answer. Take the help of your teachers or friends and get clarified on them immediately. It will also help you enhance your speed, time management, and accuracy and boost your confidence. 
  2. Revision: Once you complete and practice the entire syllabus, focus on revision. Regular revision is a must for the important points, facts, and formulae. Revise it at least twice to avoid forgetting. Give extra attention to these topics from each subject during the final revision.
  • Biology: Life Processes, Control, and Coordination, Heredity and Evolution
  • Chemistry: Carbon and its compounds
  • Physics: Light Reflection and Refraction, Electricity

Hope students have found this article on “CBSE Class 10 Science Preparation Tips” beneficial for their exam preparation. Keep learning and ace the exam.


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