How to Sell Designer Handbags For Cash

How to sell designer handbags for cash depends on whether the piece is a trendy and well-maintained luxury item. People sometimes buy luxury handbags on sale and then sell them for less than the market value. This is a great way to get cash for your bag and avoid paying for shipping and handling.

Selling designer goods

If you have an unused designer handbag, you can sell it on Tradesy and get cash for it. The site is designed to make selling designer goods easy and convenient. It has been featured on the New York Times, USA Today, and Good Morning America. In addition, the site guarantees 100% authenticity, so you can be sure of a fair price and a fast transaction. The site is also one of the best places to sell women’s designer goods, especially handbags. Tradesy also has a zero tolerance policy on replicas, and uses smart technology to detect them.

If you do not want to use a website like Tradesy to sell your handbag, you can try pawn shops or other local shops. These places accept designer handbags and jewelry. They will give you a quote, and then authenticate your handbags, and pay you in cash or store credit.

Thred Up

If you are looking to get cash for designer handbags, you can sell them to thredUP. You can mail them for free, and they will even pick them up for you if you prefer. However, there are some drawbacks to this company, so read their reviews first. Some of the customers complained that the company doesn’t pay very well. In one case, a customer sent a giant bag of clothes and got a couple of bucks. However, after seeing that the item sold for ten times its price, the customer complained about the process.

The payment method varies for each individual. Some sites offer free shipping and return, while others require a small fee. Some sites even offer free shipping, and Goody Boxes offer free at-home try-ons. With a goody box, you get to try out a variety of pieces without even having to leave your home. You can also get paid in PayPal. The company even offers to donate the money you make to a charity, if you want to.

Shop Linda’s Stuff

Linda’s Stuff is a website that resells authentic designer handbags and clothing. The site also offers home goods, collectibles, electronics, and more. The site pays pre-approved consigners 60 to 80 percent of the sale price of their items. The process is easy and convenient, and it offers free pick-up and shipping.

The business began in 2001 when Linda Lightman started selling her friends’ stuff. She soon branched out to sell her own items. As her business grew, she hired a photographer and hired twenty employees. In 2006, she moved her operation into a 5,000-square-foot office. Today, Linda’s Stuff has over 140,000 items in its inventory, ranging from a $12 cocktail ring to a $34,999 Karl Lagerfeld sable coat. The company strives to provide accurate descriptions and quick shipping.


Poshmark is a website that allows you to sell used designer handbags for cash. The platform specializes in large totes and cosmetic bags. You can make up to $300 a month by selling your items. You can also receive discounts by signing up for the site and making offers. Poshmark also offers financing to help you buy your new handbags.

When selling on Poshmark, make sure your photos are appealing. If the product is poorly photographed, it will not stand out from the crowd. Also, be sure to avoid using clutter in the photos. Clutter makes photos appear unappealing and could push buyers to move on to the next listing.


If you’re considering selling your designer handbag for cash, you’ll want to check out StockX. This site buys and sells luxury items, and they have a rigorous authentication process. They only approve items that are in excellent condition. This makes StockX the perfect place to find rare items that are sold out elsewhere.

To sell your designer Pawn your hand bag handbag for cash, you simply go to StockX and enter the price you’d like for the item. You can also save your products on the website to keep track of their value. You can then sell them whenever the market is right for their value. In addition, you can even enter offers that are below the asking price.


StockX has a large database of designer handbags. You can search for items that are no longer available at retail price and sell them for cash. The site also offers exclusive items, such as Supreme drops. Linda’s Stuff also accepts pre-owned designer handbags. You can sell your handbags for cash in exchange for store credit. You can also sell them on eBay at a fixed price, or auction-style. Be sure to be transparent in your listings, and be quick to respond to any questions from customers. You can earn up to 90 percent of the selling price of your bags through this website.


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