A high electricity bill during summer is acceptable to everyone because too many devices are active, but what about winters when only the refrigerator, lights, and heaters are working? High electricity bill during winter is primarily because of heating devices. The thermostat controls both of these units. So, to maintain the electricity bill, you can control your thermostat!

What exactly is a thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that has the ability to control the temperature of your house. It regulates the temperature of heating devices. Although it just looks like a digital device with some buttons, it has great utility.

There are various kinds of thermostats like WiFi thermostats, Smart thermostats, communication thermostats, etc. Each with different features but the same function. The thermostat can help you reduce your bill. Want to know how? Then let’s move further!

The cost of electricity depends on the locality and the duration of consumption. You can easily calculate the cost by using the Winter Energy Calculator.

How can a thermostat help save energy?

The world is currently facing an energy crisis; if these conditions prevail, it will continue to face them. Solar, wind, and energy have not been utilized properly, so energy remains to be used by non-renewable sources. This has become the primary cause of high energy costs!

During winter, heating devices consume extremely high energy and hence are a significant contributor to the bill. But with the help of a thermostat, this problem can be resolved.

Let’s get to know how it can:

1. Change the temperature:

It’s a great myth that keeping the temperature constant can save energy, but how can it save energy if it utilizes the same energy throughout the day? It is advisable to keep changing the temperature as per your comfort. The energy saved while it was working at low energy will compensate for that during high energy. Ultimately, energy will be saved!

2. Reset your thermostat:

Instead of just leaving your thermostat switched on even when you’re away from home for a long time will consume a lot more energy. It’s better to reset it at times and then use it. You can easily reset your thermostat by just pressing the reset button for 5-7 seconds. You can also remove the batteries and again put them in.

3. Think of a programmable thermostat:

If you are planning to buy a new thermostat, then buy the latest programmable thermostat. They have the features of auto reset and timers that will make it work only when required. Ultimately, less energy will be used. They may sound hi-tech, but they are not. They are simple to use and will give a beautiful look to your house’s interior.

4. Warm your house:

Use nature to warm your house instead of relying entirely on heaters. If the temperature in the house is high, you can set the thermostat at a lower temperature, and your heating device will consume less energy. You can let in sun rays to heat your rooms during the evenings.

5. Lower the temperature when you sleep:

You can also choose to lower the temperature when you are sleeping. You can prefer extra quilts or blankets to keep yourself warm and reduce energy consumption.

6. Energy Saving Mode:

The latest thermostat is available that has the features of energy saving mode. Using a thermostat in this mode will keep the temperature lower and will efficiently work.

These are some of the best ways you can choose to save energy without compromising with your comfort.

Let’s wrap up:

Although thermostats look like sophisticated devices, they are so easy to use and will help you cut your electricity bill during winter. Adjusting the settings of the thermostat and scheduling its usage time is sufficient to save maximum energy. So, if you don’t want to let your comfort be compromised and save money, too, think of using the thermostat wisely.


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