How to Shop for Home Accent Pieces That Match Your (Life)Style

When it comes to personal style, we intentionally select our wardrobe. If we are more outdoorsy, our shoe closet likely has several types of hiking, running, and walking shoes and only two types of heels.

However, we may often miss out on bringing that pragmatism into our home accents and furniture. While we may bring in a few pieces we like, we do this based on their aesthetic and often neglect their function. Before selecting a home accent, it’s important to pause and think, “How does this piece fit into my lifestyle”? “Does it add to the function of the other items in the room”?

If you are worried that you’ll have to compromise on looks, don’t be! There are several home accent pieces you can select from that do the double duty of looking good and being useful. Let’s look at a few of them.

Designer Lampshades

Lampshades are an underrated category of home accents. We often bring them in as an afterthought. However, lampshades have the ability to transform your room. Before picking one, consider where you intend to use it.

If you are someone who takes work and rest equally seriously, you may want to do up your room with silk lampshades. Their delicate, luxurious feel makes them perfect for a space designed for relaxation. Not only do silk lampshades illuminate your space, but they do so in a way that makes your room look inviting and relaxing. 

Chandelier lampshades are a great way to elevate any space. If you are the de facto host for parties and get-togethers, adding a few chandelier lampshades along your entryway and corridors is a great way to add hints of glamor and style to your home.

Smart Gadgets

Speaking of marrying form and function, smart gadgets deliver on both. For those who live by rules of efficiency, smart gadgets are a good way to add personality to your home that also feeds into your lifestyle.

Smart side tables are a good example of gadgets that look good and perform well. Don’t hesitate to bring them into your living room or guest room. 

If you are thinking that your style is more mid century and smart gadgets are a bit too contemporary, don’t worry. There are several furniture retailers who carry smart tables to match your aesthetic. 

Minimalist Storage

If you are in the Mary Kondo school of minimalism and do best in organized spaces, consider dumping the generic storage boxes and bringing in storage solutions that are also eye-catching. Mix and match them together to draw even more attention.

From simple yet stylish entryway racks to underbed storage, there are a plethora of options for people who thrive in an organized space.

Buy Second Hand Goods

For those who practice sustainable living, shopping can often seem like a nightmare. Even though many retailers have started becoming more responsible about sourcing their raw materials, producing and delivering these items has a huge climate cost. If you are someone who struggles with sticking to your eco-conscious principles in the world of retail, consider buying second hand goods.

Support your local thrift stores while having an opportunity to go on a treasure hunt. Or, if you prefer to shop online, there are tons of websites that do the work for you. From coffee tables, to kitchenware, to dressers, second hand shopping offers retail therapy minus the guilt.

Home accents can be as multi-dimensional as you like. Combine your lifestyle needs with your personal aesthetic to create a home that truly feels like you. 


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