How to smartly update your bathroom for a modern look

One of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. It’s where we clean ourselves, refresh our spirit and relax after a long day of work. After all, it can be difficult to feel refreshed if your bathroom looks outdated or cluttered. Here are some smart tips for updating your bathroom with modern decor that will make you feel like you live in a chic hotel suite!

Remove the shower curtain and replace it with a glass door

Having a glass door in your shower will not only look modern and chic, but it will also open up the space. The best types of glass doors are frameless or semi-framed (with a thin frame).

If your bathtub and shower are combined, you can still do this upgrade. It might require you to replace the bathtub with a shower pan, which is done fairly easily. You can also change the bathtub to one that fits the door. Learn more about bathtub replacement services for homeowners in Pensacola, FL, here.

Replace your old faucet with a new, sleek one

If your bathroom is starting to look dated, new hardware is the best way to update it. You can replace all of your faucets at once or just one—it’s up to you! Stainless steel and polished nickel are two popular choices that will give your sink a modern feel.

Choose a new vanity

It’s easy to update your bathroom with a modern style if you install a new sink and faucet, but the rest of the space should look just as stylish! A great way to do this is by replacing your old vanity with one that has more storage or looks sleek and streamlined. Vanities come in all kinds of styles, so choosing one that matches your space is important.

Install new lighting

If you’re looking for a fast and easy update without spending too much money, look into replacing the lights in your bathroom with modern fixtures. It will brighten up the room and give off an airy feel that feels more spacious.

Bring in a new bathtub

If you are looking to give a spa factor to your bathroom, installing a bathtub is a must. Standalone bathtubs can be the perfect fit for any occasion. They are very easy to install and won’t be much of a hassle with maintenance later.

Replace your toilet with a sleek, modern one

Even the little things can make a big difference! If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your bathroom, consider switching out your old toilet with one that fits in better with modern decor. There are plenty of toilets to choose from, and you can work with your budget to get a more modern-looking one.

Install shelves above the toilet to store items

Having this extra shelving help storage but also keeps things out of sight. This is a great way to showcase some of your favorite products or things you want guests to see. This is perfect, especially if your new faucet doesn’t have storage.

Place baskets in front of the toilet

If you keep your toilet paper in your bathroom cabinet, this is a great way to store it out of sight. It will also make the room look less cluttered because guests won’t see all those boxes on display! This works especially well if you have an open shelf above the toilet like mentioned above.

Paint the walls

Painting the walls in your bathroom is a great way to give it an updated look without spending too much money. It’s also easy and can be completed if you do one wall at a time over several days or weeks. You’ll love how fresh and modern this makes your space feel!

With these easy tips, you can update your bathroom for a modern look. We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to update your bathroom smartly.


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