How to Soundproof a Room: A Guide for Homeowners

You love that your child has such a talent for playing the drums. But, you hate that you can’t hear yourself think over the raucous every night!

An average residential wall blocks about 50 decibels of sound. That’s good enough to block most of the sound from a running lawnmower. Yet, you hear the drums as if he’s sitting right behind you!

Since you don’t want to discourage his passion, you’ll have to add some soundproofing to the room! Keep reading to learn how to soundproof a room and save your sanity.

Rugs and Window Treatments

A quick and inexpensive way to reduce the echo and the sound carrying properties of a room is to add more soft materials. Use thick curtains on the windows and carpets/ rugs on the floor.

The thick fabrics and textiles absorb some of the sound vibrations in the room, which means that fewer sound waves can get out of the room too!

Weather Stripping

Another of our favorite soundproofing tips is adding or replacing the weather stripping on the doors and windows. The tiny gaps in these openings are great for sound waves to escape through!

Take a flashlight on one side of the door, then see if another person can see the light coming through the crack of the closed door. If you can see light waves getting through, then the sound waves can escape too.

How To Soundproof a Room With Homemade Soundproofing Panels

No, the old egg crate idea won’t work. But, you can make your own soundproofing panels for less money than they sell them for online!

Build a wooden frame in an appropriate size for your wall. Then, stuff the frame with insulation or Rockwool, which are great at absorbing and dampening sound. To finish, wrap the frame in fabric to seal the insulation without blocking the sound waves from reaching it.

Soundproof Drywall

A new and innovative way to soundproof your room is Baltodano’s Drywall. This stuff looks like regular drywall to the eye. But, these walls stop sound vibrations in their tracks!

Keep in mind that a project like this means taking the whole room down to the framework and redoing the walls. But, the look and sound dampening quality is well worth the minor inconvenience!

Enjoy the Sound of Silence Again

Any time too much sound penetration is an issue, using one or a combination of these methods will help. The more methods of soundproofing you use, the more decibels get blocked!

If you don’t feel comfortable soundproofing yourself, soundproofing companies have the experience to help you out. That way, you get a quieter atmosphere without the DIY look.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned how to soundproof a room. If you’re looking for more helpful articles about home improvement, technology, lifestyles, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!


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