How to stop an Alcohol Addiction?

Withdrawing alcohol addiction is maybe a strenuous way but not inaccessible. If you want to get out of it then try with determination and self-confidence you will win.

The experts at soberlink will help you to make your journey much easier and comfortable. Soberlink has changed the lives of many peoples and helped them to live sober lives. Soberlink is on a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

How soberlink expert can help you?

Soberlink is an expert in remote alcohol monitoring.

Getting rid of alcohol addiction is not easy, it is quite challenging. The situation can become worse, even if the client wants to be sober because it is difficult to quit any habit.

But why worry when soberlink is here

  • Since 2011 soberlink has built a healthy and trustworthy relationship with over 200000 + people.
  • In remote alcohol monitoring, soberlink is at the top. It is designed by US-based engineer’s. We use the latest technologies such as real-time face recognition, tempered detection and advanced reporting.
  • Through the soberlink alcohol monitoring system, users can have a real-time record of their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). There are many devices from which you can detect and observe your BAC.
  • Soberlink makes necessary upgrades in their services and technology according to the needs of the client to provide the best result.
  • Alcohol monitoring plays a huge role to gain soberness. After recovery, there are still chances of relapse. Alcohol monitoring will lower the chances of Relapse.

Importance of having a right support system

People often start drinking alcohol when they are alone, depressed, stressed or in the company of the wrong person. Such people are connected with us and we help them to overcome their addiction. You can take inspiration from them. Under the guidance of sober link experts, people like you have recovered from their alcohol addiction. Connecting with such people Virtually can be a plus point for your addiction recovery journey. The supporting community will work as daily motivation for you and will help you to improve your physical and mental health. Here users can participate in meetings, chat rooms, and conferences

You will also get the necessary resources that will help you, such as podcasts, webinars, reading recommendations and many more which will make your journey much easier.


Technology has changed our life. Today technology is included in every step of our daily life. It made life easier, better, faster and more convenient as compared to earlier.

Soberlink experts use the latest and modern technology to keep an eye on your addiction recovery journey. For convenience, it uses remote alcohol monitoring devices. They provide you with a better experience compared to the normal one.

We use All-in-One alcohol monitoring portable devices.  They send the necessary test automatically. These devices are portable as they are very light and small. You can schedule your test according to your convenience. It has facial recognition, tamper detection sensor and professional-grade fuel cell. During each test, you have to verify your identity as it includes facial recognition. And in the case you are busy and forget to do the tests, sober link devices will give the notification for the test. There are two types of devices: soberlink cellular and soberlink connect.

  • Soberlink cellular – It sends the necessary test automatically there is no need to connect it with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Soberlink connects – It is iOS or Android compatible. It has wireless Bluetooth technology which transmits test results wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Soberlink is best to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. It will make your life full of happiness and joy. After connecting with a soberlink expert you will find the real you. Soberlink will give you active results for the long term.


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