How To Style Any Room With Bean Bags






When it comes to styling your rooms with bean bags, you might have some misconceptions about how these versatile furniture pieces can be used to elevate the look of a room. Bean bags are rapidly growing in popularity, with interior designers worldwide incorporating them into their professional creations.

Want to emulate the look? Here’s how to style absolutely any room with bean bags!

A Fab Fit For The Kids’ Room

If you’re a parent looking to design or upgrade a playroom for the kids, then bean bags are a fantastic addition. Not only can you go for models that come in an easy, wipe-clean material, but you can also choose from a huge range of vibrant colors that work perfectly with your kids’ individual personalities.

Plus, as long as you choose bean bags with foam filling, rather than the traditionally noisy polystyrene beads, it doesn’t matter where in the house the playroom is, as you can be certain that the noise levels will be kept to a minimum.

Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

Dreaming of that perfect home office, or stuck working from home in the box room? Bean bag chairs are a great way to uplift your workspace indoors and create a calming environment to concentrate on the stuff that really matters. Bean bags aren’t just for kids, and there are a number of ways that you can incorporate them into your home office for a unique, comfy work spot! The bean bag you choose doesn’t need to be bold and garish – why not use some bean bag chairs in your workspace for a polished look? You can find some modern, adult-friendly blue bean bag chairs at Comfy Sacks, which make for the perfect work-from-home companions!

Who Needs A Sofa?

If you’re among the more adventurous out there, then replacing your existing sofa with a bean bag can be a brilliant decision when done right. Bean bags don’t just come in the traditional polyester material that you might be used to, and nowadays, you can find options in a huge range of textures including leather and suede, so the opportunity for a beautiful bean bag to replace your current sofa is closer than you might think. On top of being perfect for cozying up and watching your favorite films, you can choose a bean bag in a color that contrasts with your existing décor for a true statement piece.

Football Just Got Better!

Love watching the football at home, but find that you never have quite enough seating? Think again, as a giant bean bag can hold up to six people. Use the bean bag as the living room centerpiece, order in a pizza (or three!), and gather your friends for an evening of fun and football.

Bean bags are one of the most enduring furniture pieces that have truly stood the test of time for their durability, adaptability, and sense of fun, and by following this guide, you can effortlessly use them in your space at home. From the kids’ playroom to the lounge or home office, there’s a space for a bean bag everywhere!

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