Leather Jackets, and accessories are abundant, well-made, and, of course, costly. But, when you decide to invest in real leather, it’s critical to avoid the faux pas of paying a premium for fake leather because leather cleaners and conditioners don’t always work on it. So, saying how to tell if it’s real leather becomes critical, but with some detailed research, you can take it easy.

Of course, there are many varieties in types of leather available today that may properly replace real leather, and you may even prefer them. However, if you need to know for sure that a piece is made of real leather and the labels aren’t available, such as when shopping in a vintage leather jacket store, you can follow these steps:



A label states that the product is made with real leather can be found on many real leather products. Because manufacturers want to demonstrate that their products are authentic, the label should be easily visible. If the title says about quality or the goods have no title, you may be sure it’s not the real one. If relying just on a label is too unsafe for you, the remaining guidelines might assist you in determining how real it is.


Real leather has an uneven and slightly random natural grain texture on the surface. Faux leather also has a grain, albeit it’s usually symmetrical and even. Sift through the surface of the leather to identify whether the grain is natural or fake. A grain that has been generated artificially is a telltale indicator of phony leather, whereas a natural grain is a sign of real leather. Keep in mind that certain faux leather products do a fantastic job of simulating the appearance of natural grain, so look for flaws. Natural flaws are shared in real leather but not in synthetic leather.


Real leather has a particular odor that faux leather cannot match. Practice with some real leather things that you know is real to get a sense of how they smell. You can also smell leather to see if it’s real. It has a distinct, natural odor that is something like woody or strong enough, takes few days to fly away.

Faux leather, on the other hand, smells like chemicals. Given that artificial leather is created using a variety of harsh chemicals, but real leather is natural, this makes sense. Take a few minutes to smell a leather jacket or any other leather item in person if you’re looking for one. Does it have a natural, earthy scent? Or does it have a chemical-like odor to it? If the latter is accurate, it’s most likely made of imitation leather, in which case you should go on to the next item.


Realness of leather apparel or other goods can also be determined by the edges. Real leather has a more natural, rough edge, whereas artificial leather has a perfect, smooth finish that shows extreme finishing.

Nail Test:

If you gently press your nail into natural leather, it will leave a mark that will fade with time. With synthetic materials, this is frequently not the case. Furthermore, if you scratch natural leather lightly with your nail, you will remove some fine particles from its surface, whereas artificial leather will normally remain intact.


A leather jacket or other accessories should be relatively heavy, whereas an item made of artificial materials is lighter. There is a big difference in the weight of real and artificial leathers, real is heavy and sturdy. Feel the weight is one of the quickest test to tell if it’s real.

We know most people do not have an excellent sense of recognition, but we always try to give you a detailed review related to leather type. But, of course, you need to be careful and sharp while having experienced such types of tests.


If any shopkeeper asks you for a real leather product for less than $ 100, it is inaccurate because the real material cannot come at a cheap price. It is costly, so goods cannot be lesser than the original price. It is for sure faux leather, which seems like a real one. If you feel happy to get a real leather item even in sale less than the mentioned amount, sorry you are wrong.

Care Label:

Leather jackets and other leather products, like most apparel, come with a care label. This label is usually found inside the back of the collar, and it contains the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and caring for the item. On the other hand, the care label should state what fabric and materials the garment is made of. You should be able to locate this information on the care label, whether it’s real or faux leather.

Test for Moisture:

Test your leather jacket or product by dropping little water, one or two drops would be enough for the testing, and it is the easiest way to tell if it’s real leather. The moisture test is a significant style of testing either the material absorbs or repels the water. The water droplet will play smartly in front of you and you will be amazed. The water will soon absorb into the leather if it is real. But if the water is rejected and roll-off, the leather is artificial.

Final Thoughts:

If you are passionate to wear or use real leather, you should spend some time before buying the product, compare leathers that you know are fake with leathers that you know are real to improve your skills at detecting them. With practice, you’ll be able to tell if the item you’re looking at is real and worth the money. When caring for leather, knowing how to distinguish between real and faux leather will save your time and money.

Hopefully, this complete article will give you a better understanding of how to tell if it’s real leather. Use the testing mentioned above procedures to avoid this headache and be a smart purchaser.


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