How to Trace a VoIP Phone Call

Can VoIP phone systems calls be traced?

While the analogue voice transmissions can be traced, the question here is can VoIP business phone calls be traced? The answer in simple words is that almost everything is traceable. Every VoIP phone call needs IP addresses on every end so that the information can be routed. And it is possible to trace all IP addresses. Further, there are a lot of reasons why you should be worried about your VoIP calls being traced. Let’s suppose you are worried that someone is prying your business. However, wouldn’t you be more worried about your VoIP call being tapped instead of being traced? However, the address your worries VoIP calls are safe and we can tell you how.

VoIP phone calls are comparatively safe

VoIP calls are comparatively safe and secure from surveillance since they are made possible over the internet. Whenever you place a VoIP call to another VoIP phone user then your voice gets broken into digital data packets which are transmitted across the internet till it arrives at its destination. However, you might know that already. Similarly, whenever you use a conventional telephone service, your voice gets broken down into analogue electric signals which are transmitted over a copper-based phone line. The difference between both lies in the encryption. VoIP digital data packets are always encrypted. Comparatively, your traditional analogue voice signals aren’t. But you need to be aware that since your VoIP service provider applies this encryption, they can also break it. All outside parties which succeed in intercepting your VoIP phone calls will have a hard time cracking these encryption patterns. 

Also, VoIP phone calls are better secure due to the mobile nature of its infrastructure. Whilst a business VoIP system may be looked at as a static operation, the majority of VoIP users can access VoIP phone service on their mobile phone. So, while you may be able to identify the IP address and then attribute it to whomever it was allocated, you still may not know their actual physical location.

Is VoIP phone system private and secure?

VoIP phone calls are deemed secure and private enough that the UK military uses VoIP phone services for communication. Further, a lot of hospitals also use VoIP phone system. Businesses all over the world have been convinced of VoIP phones security. It has been reported that telecommunications are losing an average of 700000 users per month, whilst the VoIP phone industry is estimated to grow £140 billion by the year 2021. 

The key lies in the encryption. Whenever you add the cheap cost compared to the traditional PBX phone infrastructure and the a few added features, it is easy to see why some specific VoIP providers in the UK will stay at ahead at confirming security and privacy.

How to Trace a VoIP phone Call?

Getting an unwanted or harassing call can be a terrifying experience. You will undoubtedly would like to know the person calling you, just to prevent another such call. Unfortunately, you might need to do a little groundwork, irrespective of whether the phone call was made through a copper wire telephone line or through VoIP. There are a few steps which you can take to track down someone trying to harass you. 

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  1. Note down the time and date of the phone call. Whatever the call says to you, you need to write it down. You will want this information when giving it to law enforcement.
  2. Utilise the caller ID feature on your VoIP phone. It might give you some information about the number, even if the call is from another VoIP phone service.
  3. You can Dial “*69” on the phone. An automatic service will give you all the information about your last phone calls such as the time and the number. It can also track the call on which the VoIP Caller has enabled block feature on his phone number or ID.
  4. You can also contact your phone service provider, which might be capable of tracking the identity of the caller. But you may need to pay some charges to start this service.
  5. Inspect your monthly telephone bill. You will get details on all your incoming phone calls, including the date, time and the phone number. You can then use that information to find the identity of the caller.
  6. Also, you can contact the police department. Explain that you had been tracing call log with your phone company. Police might come to your place in order to file a complaint. With all the information from the phone service provider, the police can also visit the caller to give the caller a warning. If the caller has broken the law, then he might face criminal charges. 

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