How to Turn Website Behavior Into Buyer Intent Data

How big of a relief would it be if companies were able to see which stage the potential customer is at the buying cycle? Is he still figuring out your products and services? Is he comparing you with your competitors or is he scrolling through your pricing plan and is actively looking at products you are offering?

Well, there’s something called Buyer Intent data that can give you this kind of a superpower. who is visiting my website? You can use this data, stats, figures, and information to figure out the behavior on the website and use it to your advantage.

As far as B2B companies are concerned, only 25% use the intent data to strategize their marketing moves. There are a few specific elements or phases a potential buyer goes through that can prove to be helpful for all stakeholders to maximize their leads using website behavior; You can easily track those by using website visitor identification software.

  • Someone spending a while on a certain page on your website
  • Someone reading articles on your site on specific topics
  • Someone visiting your website frequently
  • Someone engaging with your promotional content

Internal Intent Data vs External Intent Data

Any insight you can get hold of based on the actions of a visitor on your website. From clicks on the product page to the amount of time spent on the website extracted from Google Analytics or any other website tracking tool.

On the other hand, external data is collected from the actions taken by the audience outside of your website. It can be captured via cookies on specific websites.

Turn website behavior into buyer intent data

The most common way to Turn website behavior into buyer intent data is by studying the buying cycle using internal or external data sources. For example, if you know who is visiting my website you are already set. You can learn more about it from the website visitor identification guide. It can also be an essential way to improve the outreach process as it helps predict the purchase intent of people based on the research.


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