How to Unblock an Amazon Account without Dying Trying

Have you had an Amazon suspended account and you want to know that how Amazon suspended my account? Or you are looking to unblock it? It is possible that if you are reading this you will find yourself in this situation. But if Amazon has suspended your account and you cannot continue to see your products, know that it has a solution. We analyze why it happens, the states, how to unblock an Amazon account and prevent it from happening to you.

Guide: How to Unblock an Amazon Account

A blocked Amazon account is not recovered in a matter of one click. Normally, when they send you the notification of account suspension, they explain the reason why they have considered that your account as a seller on the platform cannot continue its course. What to do at this point? Apologize.

If this happens to you, it is important that you contact Amazon and prepare a reconsideration document, so that they will accept your account as a seller again. It should include an action plan to avoid future problems, so that you do not trip over the same stone again. What is very important is that you understand what you have done wrong within the marketplace policy. Because if you don’t understand it, you can make the same mistake again and lose count forever. Think of it as a warning that can get complicated if you ignore it, because there is not just one blocking state.

Lock States

First of all, you should know what state of lock your Amazon account is in. Mainly, there are three:

  • Suspended: It is the least serious. Your account has been suspended but you can ask to reconsider.
  • Denied: At this point you have already asked for reconsideration but it has been denied. However, it can be rectified.
  • Banned: It’s the end. Your account has been banned forever.

If you are in the first or second, you can still recover your account, if your situation is the third case we regret to tell you that there is currently no going back.

Why are Accounts Blocked on Amazon?

If your Amazon account has been blocked and you cannot continue selling, it is because you have violated any of the Amazon rules.

As you know, every marketplace establishes a series of rules or conditions for its sellers. In the case of Amazon, too. Therefore, this blockage in your account could be due to the breach of one of those rules or because customers have filed complaints about your store or products. You know what they say about: “the customer is always right”. However, there are a number of parameters that you must meet to continue selling on Amazon:

Low Rates of Return

One of the things to consider is the low rates of return. It is important to monitor everything that happens in your account with the orders so as not to go out of these ranges:

  • Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate: This rate cannot be higher than 2.5%.
  • ODR – Order Defect Rate (refers to orders that have bad reviews or complaints): Must be below 1%.
  • Late Shipment Rate (rate equivalent to orders that have not been delivered on time between shipments): Cannot exceed 4%.

Sale of Unauthorized Products

If you sell unauthorized products, you also risk having your account blocked. Amazon is the one in charge and the one that tells you what you can sell and what not, you must comply with it.

Violation of Sales Policies

If you have not breached any of the above, it is possible that the problem is here. When you create your Seller account on Amazon, you agree to comply with their policies to be able to sell on the platform. If you do not comply, Amazon has every right to block your account.

How to Avoid a Lock on Amazon?

To avoid having your Amazon account blocked, follow the rules strictly and do not miss anything. It is important that you be careful, that you put reliable images and an exact description that does not leave room for errors. If you try to deceive users, it is normal for them to file a complaint, Amazon will investigate and notify you or close your account.

  • For Amazon, the B2C end customer is always right, and if you find yourself in a dispute about an incident with a user, we regret to tell you that it is very possible that the platform prioritizes their satisfaction as a user over yours as a seller. Amazon is a clear example of customer centric is its pillar as a company value. It is important that you understand this and act on it, sometimes it is better to lose a profit margin than to face a greater loss, such as an account ban.

Try to offer an unbeatable treatment and products in perfect condition, so that you do not have to deal with claims and that the health of your account or your reputation is affected.

What if I Create a Secondary Account?

Be very careful with this, you are not the first that comes to mind, and Amazon could catch you and ban you for life.

Do you Need Help to Fix it?

If your Amazon account has been blocked and you want to recover it, you can send them the letter as we tell you, but you can also leave it in the hands of professionals, such as our specialized team that has direct communication with the marketplace and our own Accounts. Keep in mind, that it is something important and that it will surely represent a significant volume of your billing.

Therefore, you need to do things well to make it work and recover your account, if you do not want to take risks, it is best to have the help of a professional with experience in the field. You can contact us for help you!


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