How to Use an Old Smartphone: 5 Simple Tips for All Gadgets

After buying a new smartphone, the question remains what to do with the old gadget. After all, often a still-working gadget that can be used to read, watch a film, visit this site for more horse racing odds or talk to friends is relegated to the dusty shelf. But you can avoid this.

Of course, if you decide to sell an outdated model, you won’t need these tips. But remember to clean your device before handing it over to the new owner. Or take one of these options.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Surveillance Camera or Webcam

If the device catches Wi-Fi, it can make a camera out of it. Install the appropriate app (e.g. Alfred, Ivideon, Home+Security, etc.) on the old and new smartphone and secure the old device so that it has access to visibility and power.

If your PC does not have a camera, replace it with a smartphone. Download an app like EpoCam, iVCam etc. and connect the device via USB or Wi-Fi. Even if you have a camera, you can use the gadget to capture a different angle.

Use Only for Battery-draining Activities

Download your favorite games over Wi-Fi and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery or being interrupted by a call or text message. Or, to keep your new smartphone occupied, you can download Skype and Zoom on your old device and simultaneously receive messages on your new one. If your smartphone has a large screen, it makes a good reader.

It is also possible to listen to music or watch films on the old gadget without draining the new one’s battery.

Use as an Alarm Clock

Simply set an alarm on your device (or turn on an app – Pillow, Sleep Cycle, Sleep Time, etc.) and safely leave your new smartphone outside your bedroom to avoid distractions before going to bed. 

Replace the TV Remote Control

If your remote control is broken, lost or out of battery, don’t rush out to buy a new one. Install a remote control app on your old smartphone – they’re available for almost every brand of TV.

Turn Into a Computer Mouse

An app that turns your smartphone into a computer mouse also exists (Remote Mouse, Air Keyboard). Then connect the device to your PC via USB port, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind that anything can happen to a new smartphone, and it’s a good idea to have a spare one on hand for repairs. You can always give it to a child or family member – as long as it has cellular and Wi-Fi coverage and a working camera. You can also set parental controls on your device. And these are all ways to extend the life of your smartphone, but if your gadget is completely out of order, of course, then it’s time to dispose of it sustainably.


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