How to Use Ezoic to Increase Ad Revenue on Your Website

In 2021, digital ad spending is expected to reach 56.1% of the total media advertising spend worldwide. This means over half of the world’s businesses are investing in digital ads since they understand how powerful they can be.

If you own a website, you can get involved by working with an ad network like Ezoic. They’ll act as a middle man between advertisers and your website, automatically placing ads across your site. You’ll then get paid each month, based on the effectiveness of your ads.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. In fact, many website owners are making thousands per month just through online ads.

If you’re new to Ezoic or want to improve your Ezoic ads, here are a few tips to help you increase your ad revenue.

How to Join Ezoic

Before being accepted into the Ezoic program, you’ll need to first meet the Ezoic requirements. Their team will review your website, ensuring you only publish original content. They’ll also check that you’re in good standing with Google and haven’t breached any of the SEO or ad policies.

You’ll also need to meet the traffic requirements, with around 10,000 sessions per month. If you have slightly less, you can still apply, but keep in mind that websites with low traffic won’t earn much ad income. You might want to wait until your site grows.

Make sure you also take the time to learn more about Ezoic ads and how they work, ensuring you’re okay with them on your website. Some people worry that ads will slow down their site or take away from its design. But if done correctly, ads won’t have a negative impact.

Focus on Quality Content

Our first tip for increasing your Ezoic earnings is to focus on your website content.

You want to regularly post high-quality blog posts that your readers will enjoy. There’s also a lot of power in videos too, so consider adding videos to your site if you haven’t already.

Remember, ads pay based on the number of people who either see your ad or click on it. The more traffic you can direct to your website, the more money you’ll earn. This means all of your articles should also be SEO-optimized, helping them rank highly on search engines.

Turn on Native Ads

On your Ezoic account, we suggest turning on native ads if you haven’t already. These are ads that match the content where they’re being displayed.

For example, on a blog post, native ads will look like blog posts, which can encourage readers to click on them. You can also dictate the topics that show up in your ads.

Many website owners prefer not to allow ads featuring PG-13 rated topics, like gambling or adult content, so you can turn these types of ads off. However, if they don’t bother you, the payout for these types of ads can be higher, bringing you more income.

Increase Your Ad Placeholders

The more ads your website displays, the more chances you have to earn money. However, you still want to keep a balance, ensuring you don’t have too many ads—this can be off-putting to some readers.

If you’re not showing many ads now, think about increasing the numbers and locations of your ad placeholders.

Placeholders are locations on your website where an ad could potentially be displayed. However, it doesn’t mean that ads will be shown in every location all the time. Don’t worry that you’re bombarding your site with ads when you add more placeholders.

You can play around with your placeholders, deciding what works best with your website’s design.

Work With Ezoic’s Team

If you’re confused about where or how to place your ads, don’t worry—the Ezoic team is there to help. You can reach out to them and ask for assistance from a staff member in setting up your ads.

After all, the more money you make, the more money Ezoic makes. So it’s in their best interest to work with their clients and help them maximize their earnings.

Wrap Your Ads

Another tip is to wrap your ads. This applies to users who also use another ad network, like Google AdSense.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s fine to use both and it’s actually encouraged by Ezoic!

When you wrap your ads, it stops multiple ads from both networks from showing up next to each other on your site. This could dilute the effectiveness of your ads, leading to lower income.

Change Your Payment Method

The best part about joining an ad network is the monthly payout! It’s a thrill to see passive income hitting your bank account from your site.

However, make sure you’ve selected the right payment method, as you want to minimize fees and charges from your bank. This would cut into your profits each month, which no one wants.

Depending on your country, take the time to read through each payment method option, selecting the one with the lowest fees. Even if you’re already getting paid by Ezoic, it’s easy to change this under your Profile > Payment settings.

Improve Your Ezoic Earnings With These Tips

Working with Ezoic can be a lucrative way to increase your website’s earnings, but you need to be smart about it. Using the tips above, go through your website and Ezoic settings, making any changes that can improve your results.

While it may take some time before you see results, you’re sure to see a steady rise in your monthly income. What a great feeling!

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