How to Use Sunscreen Spray & The Many Benefits It Offers






Sunscreen spray offers a number of benefits to the user, particularly when talking about people with families. That’s precisely what we’ll be talking about in this article, as we examine the practical advantages it provides, as well as its efficacy in protecting yours and your family’s skin.

This is a brief blog, but we should have time to cover the main points why it’s something that you should be giving some serious consideration.

It’s Simply More Convenient

Regardless of whether you’re off on a family day out, a vacation or just hanging out by the pool, sunscreen is a real necessity. For those old enough to remember, much of the 80s involved people applying chemical sunscreen lotion and if you don’t or can’t remember, these products are messy, quite watery and not that easy to spread out uniformly.


The convenience factor of mineral sunscreen spray truly is off the charts, as not only does it not involve anything like the same amount of mess, but the spray mechanism makes it so much easier to hit the right spot. Added to that, mineral sunscreen requires no waiting indoors or in the shade to be absorbed, so it’s far easier to use – especially when you have children.

Much Less Sticky & Lighter

They’re also better for those with sensitive skin, as their formula tends to be much lighter than lotions and far less sticky. Do they provide the same level of protection? Well, yes, in fact, you could make a case for them offering more protection, as avoiding missing a spot is much easier.

So, Let’s Take a Look at How to Apply Spray Sunscreen

It’s important to be able to see where you’re spraying your sunscreen spray, as otherwise it can become tricky working out which area you’ve covered already. Some chemical brands are clear, making it really hard, but most mineral types are whiter and easier to see – initially at least.

Don’t Forget to Rub It In

After the area has been sprayed, you have to remember to rub it in and not do what many feel’s right and simply go out into the sun right after spraying. Even application is the key, which you just can’t be sure of without spreading it around with your hand.

Reapply Every 2 Hours Or More If Wet

Typically speaking, re-application needs to be carried out every 2 hours and even more often when you’re wet because of swimming or sweating. Of course, sometimes you’ll need to use your own discretion to guide you, but if you start noticing darker/redder areas, it’s likely time for another coat!

Sunscreen Spray : An Option Worth Your Consideration

We totally understand that when you’ve been using the same product for years, it’s hard to break those habits, but when the product you’re thinking of switching to offers so much, why wouldn’t you?

Mineral-based spray sunscreen goes on light, is easier to apply evenly and you also tend to use much less of it to cover the same area when compared to lotions. That means your spray should last you much longer than your old bottles used to.

So, we’d encourage you to try out this type of sunscreen product for yourself, as it might make your family times out in the sun more convenient and ultimately safer for everyone involved.

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