How well do N95 masks made in USA protect against the Omicron variant?

With every passing day, the newly discovered Omicron variant is spreading all over the world. Scientists and healthcare workers are under stress because the wide and rapid spread of this new strain is likely to overwhelm hospitals across the world. Many countries have issued mask mandates once again and people are advised to wear masks when leaving their houses. This is because masks have been found effective in controlling the disease spread.

Since COVID-19 is a contagious disease, it spreads through the touch and respiratory droplets of an infected person. And masks can provide a barrier to these respiratory droplets reaching the environment and healthy persons. But if you look through the market, you’ll find a lot of mask types with their vendors claiming them to be the best. Then how do you know if they are worth your money or not? Well, a simple answer to that is only buying N95 masks made in USA. This is because they’ve been the most trusted among the population and scientifically proven to be effective against coronaviruses.

This article will tell you about how well do American-made N95 masks work against the coronavirus, especially the Omicron variant. So, keep reading.

1. Microfiltration 

N95 masks made in USA offer 95% filtration against airborne germs. They have a micro-filter in them with a pore size of up to 0.3 microns. It can filter germs with a size of 0.3 microns or more. Whenever you breathe air in, the filter traps the germs in it and only allows clean air to reach your mouth, nostrils, and internal body. This reduces the chance of the Omicron variant infecting you if present in the air.

2. Tight Seal

N95 masks made in USA are designed so that they provide you with a  tight seal around the nose and mouth. The metal strip on the top provides a bridge on the nose bone so that no air enters or leaves from above. And the sides of the mask, if well-fitted, prevent the air and respiratory droplets to enter or leave the mask. In this way, if you sneeze or cough or anybody around you do so, the mask will block the germs for both of you and prevent infection spread.

3. Easy breathing

The material with which N95 masks are made in USA ensures that the wearer can breathe easily. Although they provide a tight seal around your mouth, still the manufacturing material doesn’t allow suffocation inside. Some masks are provided with a micro-ventilator for such purposes. They ensure no moisture to build inside and keep suffocation at a minimum.

4. NIOSH Approved

For any mask to be declared effective against the pandemic, it has to undergo vigorous testing. The manufacturing process and material are tested before the respiratory assembly is prepared and after that, the final product is tested for its efficacy. For protective equipment, this testing is done by NIOSH, a federal agency in the USA. And N95 masks made in USA are certainly NIOSH approved which means they’ve been tried and tested before their market launch. Many other mask types lacking NIOSH shall not be trusted for safety at all.

All these dynamic features make N95 masks a suitable choice for protection during the pandemic. If you are looking forward to buying one, visit medicalsupplyall.com now! They have the finest variety and offer you the most reasonable prices in the market. So, go grab your mask now!


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