HVAC Help: What Does HVAC Service Include?

Lisa had always been an apartment dweller, and that was just fine. She liked the low-maintenance lifestyle. Now, as a homeowner for the first time, she can’t shake the feeling of being overwhelmed by new responsibilities.

Thankfully for Lisa, and other new homeowners, there is hope! Take for instance your air conditioning unit. Instead of doing everything on your own, it’s time to find out how a team of professionals can save you time, and even money.

What does an HVAC service plan include? Read on to find out!

Central Air Conditioning Installation

First, an HVAC service company can help you when it’s time to install a new air conditioning unit. Not sure what unit is best for your home? No worries!

An HVAC service technician can help assist you in selecting the type of cooling unit best for your home or office. They can also calculate what size unit will be needed to sufficiently cool the space.

You can choose from a variety of types, including window-mounted units and through-the-wall models. HVAC technicians will also help with energy-saving features, such as installing a programmable thermostat and adding insulation to your attic.

Your air conditioning service technician will also perform an inspection of the system before it’s installed, even checking for additional safety measures. For example, they can check for proper electrical voltage and gas pressure levels. Then, after installation is complete and you’re ready to use the system, Quality Air Experts will perform a final inspection.

Emergency Repairs or Replacements

Next, you can be proactive by opting to get emergency HVAC services. Whether your cooling unit has stopped working, the ducts are leaking, or something else is wrong with the system, an HVAC expert can help. Keep in mind, however, emergency repairs are usually costly.

If you live in one of the hottest places in the United States, then avoiding breakdowns is even more important! Thankfully, you can usually avoid unexpected breakdowns by staying on top of regular maintenance. 

General Maintenance

Next, regular maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your HVAC unit. While there are some things you can do on your own as a homeowner, other maintenance tasks are best for the professionals to handle. What type of general HVAC maintenance tasks can a service provider help with?

Most maintenance work involves checking the operation and functionality of the system. A technician will also check to see that your HVAC unit is operating efficiently by testing for ventilation leaks or making sure the ducts are sealed properly. You can also know about ducane furnace parts
All major components of an air conditioning unit should be cleaned regularly, including its coils, condenser, and evaporator. If you have a rooftop unit, you may also want to have the airflow baffles cleaned.

Schedule an HVAC Service Checkup

We hope this article has provided you with some insight into what an HVAC service plan is all about. Instead of trying to do it all, let the pros do the heavy lifting. Typically, HVAC plans include installation, maintenance, and repairs for your home or business. Remember, regular upkeep is key.

Schedule a maintenance check-up to ensure that your unit is running at its optimum level of efficiency! Are you ready for helpful tips and tricks? Take a few minutes to check out what the rest of this site has to offer.