I Was in an Uber or Lyft Accident; What’s the Next Step and My Legal Options?






Did you know that Uber has an average of one crash every 100,000 miles? That safety record is around the national average, showing you are no more or less safe in a ride share scheme. But when accidents do occur, do you know which insurance firm pays out?

This is where things can start to get complicated. Read on as we discuss what to do in an Uber or Lyft accident.

Which Insurance Is Used?

Insurance for an Uber or Lyft accident can be confusing. This is because the company’s insurance only comes into play in certain situations, and at other times it is the driver’s own insurance that will cover accidents. In addition, the fault could be that of the other driver. 

When the taxi driver is at fault, insurance is split between the driver’s insurance and that of Uber or Lyft. The passenger is never at fault in this situation. 

Should the driver’s insurance company deny the claim as the car was being used for business, the company will take the insurance claim. This happens as long as the driver’s app was on at the time of the accident. 

When fault lies with the other driver, a claim will be made against their insurance provider. This is where the need for a Lyft or Uber accident lawyer most commonly arises. 

Two Other Scenarios

The scenarios above can become even more complex. The first instance is if the driver is not logged in to the app when they caused an accident. For example, they may be commuting to a place to begin work and cause a pedestrian, car or motorcycle accident lawyer

In this instance, the driver is not legally working for the ride company. If they are not logged in to the app, it tells Uber or Lyft they are not on the shift. This is a case for their personal insurance.

The second scenario is when the driver is logged in, and they are waiting for a ride. In this case, Uber provides coverage up to a certain amount.

Lyft provides contingent liability insurance, which comes into effect if the at-fault driver has no liability insurance or insurance that fails to cover all of the amounts you are owed. This can get complicated, and you should contact a Lyft car accident attorney. 

Protocol to Take

Should you be in an Uber or Lyft accident, there are some steps you can take to overcome it. The driver should begin by stopping the vehicle, letting everyone exit, and placing on hazard warning lights. If the vehicle can move, it should go to the side of the road. 

When 911 arrives, you should seek help from the ambulance staff even if your injuries do not seem big. They can emerge later when the shock wears off, and not seeking medical attention can damage your settlement. Get the details of the driver, any other parties involved and the police officer who arrives at the scene. 

Finding a Lyft Accident or Uber Accident Lawyer

When searching for a rideshare accident attorney in Las Vegas, make sure you get one with experience. Speak with two or three before settling on the right one. By making a good choice, you should get the compensation you deserve. 

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From legal advice to finance, we can help get the money you deserve in the coming year. 

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